DnD Story: Gold Troubles


Our first session we go and attack a pirate ship with the goal of capturing the captain alive for a bounty. We managed to sneak up to the boat in our little row boats and began climbing with the intent of sneaking up on them and capturing the captain before he knew what hit him. Everything was going well…. until our drunk warlock fell off the boat. Our cleric was trying to help him out of the water while I (a ranger) and our fighter were dealing with the pirates on board. After several failed attempts to rescue the warlock the cleric finally gets him out moment’s before he drowns. Our fighter is taking on half the ship with no difficulties by himself. I’m missing every single swing of my shortsword. Then the captain shows himself.

In attempt to show off to his crew and try to intimidate us the captain does a flip down to the main segment of the boat that we were fighting on. Beautifully preformed 10/10 . He then decided he was going to rush our warlock…..and tripped falling into the ocean and drowned. Wasn’t long after that before the pirates gave up and we secured the pirate ship earning a decent 2000 gold for out troubles.


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