DnD Story: It Happens


Setup: Group consists of 2 tanks, 2 arcane casters, and a divine healer. Local frog-people tribe and lizard-people tribe have been fighting a blood fued for decades. Diplomat was sent in to settle the dispute but hasn't been heard from since. Enter the PCs. Diplomat is found with the frog-people being held as a "guest" to prevent them from talking with the lizard-people. Group finds themselves in the court of the frog-people king.

What is suppose to happen: either go on a side mission to earn favor, or plan a careful covert rescue.

What happens: Tank 1 knocks out the king while caster 1 grabs diplomat and teleports away. Tank 2, caster 2, and healer kill half the guards and sleep/knockout the other half. Tank 1 revives the king and demands he sign a peace treaty with the lizard-people, rolling very impressively on intimidate.

By: Daniel Shroads


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