DnD Story: Justice is Blind

In which my Paladin manages to pull of the greatest story moment I've ever rolled.


So a while back I was playing 1st edition DnD with a group of friends. I was playing a classic Paladin, flowing cape and all. She was super fun to play as she was a nerd. She grew up watching plays about paladins of old and basically turned that hero worship into her motivation for being good. She always did what was right no matter what the cost, which made her a pretty big target for evil groups in the world. Eventually enough demons and evil clerics got pissed off enough at her that they formed an entire group to try to kill her and set up a trap. Luckily for her and our group another Paladin gave us the heads up so we decided that the best course of action is to spring the trap.
We go forward knowing we would be outnumbered but us with good on our side were prepared.
The group was made up of me (paladin), a druid, a thief, the second paladin who helped us, and a few level one hired helps that had been traveling with us for a while. One of those hired help was an archer who my paladin kinda had a thing with. They hadn't really told eachother their feelings yet but they were constantly flirting and beating around the bush, it was cute and the rest of the party super shipped it, and the relationship is important for what happens next. So my Paladin runs in with the rest of the crew and there's several evil henchmen, a cleric of evil, and a demon all ready to take us on. We start to fight but things take a turn for the worst when the Demon casts a spell and dominates the mind of the archer who my Paladin loved. She (the archer) shoots at my paladin and gets a crit (she only ever missed terribly or crit). My Paladin is hurt but before she can do anything the evil cleric then casts a spell that blinds my Paladin.
So there she is, blinded and surrounded by enemies with the girl she loves dominated by them. My paladin just says angrily "Let her go". The Demon Laughs at her and says "Or what? How can you fight. You can't even see."

At that point I look at my Dm and say "I attack the demon"
Now I had a holy avenger so if I hit it would hurt the demon alot, but I had to roll at like a -10 to hit so it was unlikely.

I roll a nat 20. After rolling damage, because of all the bonuses I get, my paladin cut clean through the demon's head severing it. I then asked the DM if I could look directly at the evil Cleric using my detect evil ability to hone in on them. He allowed it. My paladin looked directly in the cleric's eyes and said. "I can still see you"
I then rolled an intimidation to scare the shit out of him before the party killed all of the bad guys. The Archer and the Paladin shared a nice hug after ward and she led my paladin to the nearest church to heal the blindness thing. 


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