DnD Story: Long Live Pochi


just felt like sharing cause of the D&D stories you have been posting, but on one of my first experiences with D&D I played a campaign where the DM had added a homebrew feature of lifelong Blessings and Curses. My character, a Wood Elf Bard named Pochi, had the unfortunate curse that caused something bad to randomly happen at the beginning of encounters. I would roll a d20: low numbers mean character has a negative effect but non damaging, high is a damaging effect, nat 20 means something will happen that kill me, nat 1 nothing happened. I made it through the entire campaign surviving on the back of my hair. We made it to the end of the campaign to fight the boss. We fought a Necromancer, who was possesed by a Demon, in a cave full of cultist. I got the highest initiative, and the DM had pity on me and let me move and perfome a action before the curse kicks in. On a whim, I had my character run up to the boss, grapple him, and roll for the curse, getting a nat 20. The DM rolled to see what would happen, which happened to be the roof collapsing on me and the necromancer, instantly killing the both of us. My party all hated my character, but ended up having to sit in a confused haze as the DM said the kingdom made a statue of Pochi and made a festival to remember him. Long live Pochi, the demon slayer!


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