DnD Story: Marriage


Some back story: 

We have a pretty large adventuring group of 7 people 

Uthal- Goliath fighter

Bree- halfling rouge

Linguini- human fighter

Jeven- Nome Druid

Bart- ?? Don’t even know tbh

Deco- aasimar cleric

El grato- orc fighter 

Now it should be mentioned that Bart is the son of the towns blacksmith and el grato is very fond of this woman

Now we’re all (especially the dm) very RP oriented characters/players and we’re playing a homebrew/out of the book style of Horde of the Dragon Queen. Now there’s some tension in the party being that uthal and deco are the leaders and el grato is sort of a loose cannon. Well let’s just say el grato tends to get us in some sticky situations, although he may argue. We were in a small cave system where we came across some mushroom creatures. After defeating our Druid (very high in nature obviously) got very excited knowing all about the different types of mushrooms. Now our DM knows the group dynamic really well and likes to play with that, as well as our emotions, and is willing to bend the rules a bit to make for some interesting RP. Anyway El Grato had done something to the Druid that had made him upset prior and the Druid and DM had decided these were a special sort of mushrooms. The Druid decides it’s time for some payback. The Druid convinced el grato to ingest all the mushrooms and that they were 100% harmless. So we had the player that was playing el grato step out of the room and the DM asked each player to write down 3 side effects to the mushrooms. The player comes back into the room and ever so often the DM would roll to see which effect would take place. Needless to say we continued on into the dungeon. We came across a drop that was about 10 feet and prior to this Uthal and el grato got into an argument and uthal was now carrying el grato. Sick of el gratos shit uthal decides to throw el grato down the 10 ft drop. Now the whole party is at the edge of this drop off looking down at el grato watching him trip out on these mushrooms. Now as I mentioned before el grato was very fond of Bart’s mother. Well el grato the starts to hallucinate her image in front of him and it’s getting very intense. He starts to seduce the air as he talks to his imaginary version of Bart’s mom while the whole party just watches. As this is happening Troglodytes start to surround el grato as one approaches he starts to caress it. He then seduces the troglodyte and gets it to become an ally of the group. He now has a troglodyte girlfriend and will be getting married to it next session.




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