DND Story: Moonlight meeting.

Adventures continue with my Half orc Barbarian and Half-elf friends in a Vampire plagued town

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This campeign flowed right after my last story. And our group of heros got word that a town was being plauged by Vampire attacks and abductions.  We still had our small group of level 5 characters, I was still using Grung, the Half-Orc Barbarian and I got a fancy new Ax from our last session. 

My partner Lorin was still using his Half-Elf Bard character and was thinking of cross leveling some Cleric skills later. sunce we seemed to get into fight alot. 

My best friend, Danny, was loving his Half-Elf Monk, because of all the showy moves he could learn to tip the tide of battle. 

Our DM Jake, didnt have to use his Half-Elf fighter for this story because we were expectig to get two new members for the story that night. we also left our Rouge Goblin back at a different city sonhe coukd learn more abilities. 

We started like so many sessions do, in the bar. Its a universal place to meet people and to find information. And it gave me a chance to discover how my character would react to alchohl. 

Rolling percentage, we all found out that my None-too-bright Barbarian was VERY health conscientious, and would rather physically hurt others before drinking anything remotely alchoholic. We all placed our orders, and were happy to mingle until we found out that the bartender had a quirk… no mater what you ordered, he would bring out…*THUD* Dwarven Ale… The Elves were fine with the slight, but dear Grung, threw his beer across the counter and it smashsed into the mirror barrely missing the level 15 battle-mage Dwarf bartender. 

Jake was always a good storyteller, and DM, and he had systems in play that actions in character almost always tranated to situational advantage/disadvantage. With the Barbarian's outburst. almost everyone in the bar started to notice us, Hate us, and started talking behind our backs. 

Thankfully our Bard was a Master songsmith. He stepped up on stage, started singing, and not only calmed down the patrons, but won them all over. earning the party 5 whole gold pieces which was almost 3 times our cash allowence for the start of the Campeign. 

After things settle down, we gather at an empty table and watch a lithe woman with pale skin and raven hair The moment she came down the stairs, every eye locked on her pressence. Her song outshone the Bard's and when she left she pulled a man from the crowd and brought him upstars. Me as the player recognizes a Vampire Thrawl a mile away, but me as GRUNG… "Oh pretty LADY!" He sits down front row center, trying to get as close to the pretty woman as possible. The four men sitting there immediately get up and demand what he thinks he's doing. 

My Barbarian doesn't like being yelled at. And he stands. All 6 foot 6 of him. Draws his fancy, sharpened two-handed ax and asks them in the most forceful, commanding tone "WHAT?!" 

*check* *check* *check* *check*  All four men sit back down from the intimidation roll. 

Our Monk was getting antsy, he wasnt too good at gatheing information, and he didnt want to be in the middle of a bar full of drunkards. So our eastern Monk of a friend, with pointy ears, and pale skin started wandering the streets in the middle of the night… what could possibly go wrong? He spots a couple, a man and a woman clearly nervous about being out at night, and decides to follow them, Dm asks for a Stealth Check: 6 He fails and fails hard. Both spot him and call him out of the shadows. Making an excuse, he says he wanted to find the Bar where we started: Bluff Check came up 12, they believed him but don't trust him. Deciding that they CLEARLY knew something, he hid behind a wall, waiting 15 seconds, and follow them again. Stealth check: 4 They immediately see him again, and call for help.

Every house within a 5 block radius of the couple opens up, villagers holding pitchforks, and lit torches pour into the streets as the couple announce that they've found the vampire and need help. Being a Half-Elf, he has innate increased movement speed, and being a Monk, has even MORE movement, and he dashes out of town. Which doesn't help his case against being the Vampire everyone is looking for. 

Back in the Bar, Grung was happily drinking Milk, and our Bard was picking the Bartender's brain about the woman, who only shows up at night, from one of the spare rooms she reserved for herself, the men she takes with her often disapear overnight, and return home late the next morning dazed and confused. While he secures lodging while we investigate the kidnappings, Grung looks out the window to see a quickly forming, yet slow moving angry mob. Not one to shy away from a fight, the big lug grabs his ax, and heads outside. 

Being a full head over everyone else in town, he does an Andre the Giant (EVERYBODY MOOOVE) through the crowd, wading slowly to teh front of the mass of people.

Outside town, our Monk is waiting for things to calm down, watching the flames wandering the city streets and creeping closer to the edge of town. Danny wants to return to town after a minute or two. But we both remind him that he's easy to spot in a crowd due to his unusual clothes and pointy ears. So he removes his clothes… What could possibly go wrong?  

A very tall man, with pale skin, black robes, and eyes black as midnight appeared behind our encumbered and unarmored Monk. "Are you from the nearby town?"

"Uh… no, we are just passing through."

"Then no one will, MISS you." 

The Monk dashes back towards town. With his bonuses, he's barelly faster then the Vampire. But now he's running from an angry vampire, towards an angry Mob. Grung nears the edge of the crowd, just as it reached the edge of the city. The Bard comes from an allyway, with two horses, the spoils from his performance. But Grung hasn't had any practice with animals, and there's no time to learn now. 

Sliding behind the smaller guy, the Half-elf has to control the animal to keep it upright from the added weight. (17) and away we go. 

Being a Half-Orc Grung has Dark-Vision. so he can see our Friend… AND he can see the Vampire.  

Announcing that Grung is going to stand on the Horse gave me 'That look' from the DM, "Kaaaay? Give me a balance check" Given that Grung had a +5 to STR, he made that easily.
"I'm going to use one of my 2 Rage Triggers." That boosts STR at the price of To hit,

"Ok, you're in it." 

"I'm going to use the ability Leap Attack using one point for the Power attack." That's a special that sacrifices more AC to hit, for tripple damage on the final hit when using a two handed weapon.

The concern on the DM's face is priceless. "Give me another Balance check?"

With Rage active, I get an additonal +1 for STR modifier, (17) Grung is now airborn.

"Ok Lorin give me a Control Animal check?" (5) The horse topples over from the force of 300 lbs of muscle vaulting off it's back. "Reflex save." (15) Our Elf friend takes a total of one damage from rolling out from under the horse. 

The Leap attack, From horseback, with Powerstrike, while Rage triggered, with a two-handed ax… "Roll to hit." (Natural 20) the Confirm was 19. 2d8, max damage, trippled. The strike was enough to cleave the Vampires head from his shoulders. The spectacle was enough to stop the mob in their tracks. Our Monk… Unhurt, if a little embarrased, Our Bard, missing a single HP, and the Barbarian, preped for battle, standing stalwart in front of the whole town.

We no longer had to pay for our room while we continued the Module. While we spoke to the Mayor, finding clues about a medal the Vampire was wearing, our two new members, who we hadn't met before decided to search the body of the Orc's kill. which immediately got both of the Human Fighter's arrested for being suspected Vampire sympathizers. The next morning, we found both of them tied, devoid of gear, and clothes, to the sun-facing side of the Church tower


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