DnD Story: Negative Plane


The campaign is set in a negative plane of existence that thrives on violence. The centerpiece is a large infinite arena where combatants come from all planes to prove themselves against beasts, monsters, and other mighty warriors. My dwarf Fighter came here to prove himself a worth champion of Kord, the god of thunder and war. My first battle was in a large circular pit that had a grate running down the middle effectively cutting the arena in half. The other half held a half-orc barbarian(the other player). Along the walls of the arena were a total of 12 levers per side and above the 10 foot wall that ran alongside the vent were several chained beats. Lions, wolves and a polar bear on each end. Pulling levers could release the chains, pull the chains backwards or release the slack allowing them to move closer. My first opponent was the bear, of all the levers to choose, it was the bear (I mean come on, they weren't labeled.) After a couple hard swings and good use of my shield it fell just as I noticed a small goblin who popped up through a secret hatch in the ground and then critically failed his stealth check. He ran up to a lever and pulled it which just pulled somechains backwards. I walked up and tried to grab him but missed and he slashed at my splint mail. I laughed as the blade bounced off and then grabbed him by the throat, tossed him upwards and grabbed his ankles in one hand. I then spun and launched him upwards towards the three wolves chained up about 25 feet away and 10 feet up. (18 str gets it dones). During the throw his ankles shattered and he landed just barely in reach of the wolves who then shredded him to pieces. I'm sure the crowd enjoyed the extra blood that was spilled. The rest of the battle went well and I left ready for more.

By: Gabriel de Vore


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