DnD Story: New GM Tale


Be me a new gm.

Spend all this time planning this session and the boss.

Gets to the final room that’s blocked by a giant stone slab.

Barbarian: “I wanna try pushing it in.”

GM: “… It’s a GIANT stone slab … Like twice your size…”

Barbarian: “I got this”

GM: “sure why not. Roll for it”

Nat 20.

Pushes the slab over and they proceed to find the boss.

Cleric (barbarians brother): “I wanna convince the boss to just leave.”

GM: “… Well talk and roll it”

Cleric proceeds to talk to boss and gets 3 Nat 20s in a row.

Boss: *looks at barbarian, looks at door, looks at party* “you guys aren’t even worth my time.”

The boss proceeds to leave and I flip the table.


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