DnD Story: Oh teethlings


For context, I joined late in the campaign due to work. 

We are about halfway through the campaign my character is a Wizard Teethling.

Me- Hey everyone, I got sent by *generic evil dude's name* to come help with the search for the crystals!

Everyone besides the cleric- Welcome!

Cleric- Hello! You must be thirsty from you travels! Here, have some tea and cookies!

Me, never playing DND before- *Drinks and eats mysterious food* Woah, that was pretty good, what was in the tea?

Cleric- Purple Lotus Flower

Everyone IRL- Fuck

A little later we discover a prison that I then end up being separated from the group and forced to fight alone.

Me- *tries to cast crown of stars, fails the role and suddenly collapses onto the ground*

Cleric- *teleports to me, leans down and whispers* Fuck teethlings.


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