DnD Story: Oh well

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So, This is the story of how a Goliath Barbarian, a turtle barbarian, and a human Druid wiped out an entire Goblins nest in two roles. We had just escaped a chamber filled with traps by jumping on the back of the turtle and sliding down a cave. The human Druid and the Goliath jumped off of the turtle giving the turtle a kick to speed him up. The turtle flew into the main chamber and plowed through the main group of goblins. The DM told him to roll percentage dice to see how many he killed. He rolled a 100%. So the DM now had to figure out how one giant flying turtle killed 150 goblins in a goblin nest. So he decided the turtle was going so fast that he bounced off the walls all around and basically turned the chamber into a blender. The party meets at the center and starts looting when a voice starts booming ahead of them. “Who the ** are you?” The party looks up and sees the Hobgoblin in charge of the nest. Before another word can be said the human Druid casts ice knife and rolls a nat twenty. The knife flies into the goblins shoulder and explodes blowing off the arm and freezing the hobgoblin solid. This kills the hobgoblin but the barbarians are upset they didn’t get to fight. So the Goliath grabs the turtle by the arm and chunks him at the frozen hobgoblin and rolls a 23 with mods. The turtle is sent flying and pulls into his shell and slams into the frozen hobgoblin and turns him into gory snow.


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