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So, We were playing through Curse of Strahd. My character was a younger, cocky halfling rogue who often disappeared from plain sight, and liked to collect rare items, went off by himself one night while everyone else was asleep. He was going through the house that the party had crashed in for the night, and was finding some good stuff. Suddenly, he was attacked by a few Swarms of Rats. The Swarms easily beat the young, cocky halfing. In death, he was met with The Raven Queen. I asked the DM if I could have the rogue bargain with her. He said to roll for persuasion, (I had REALLY high persuasion,) so I did, and it was REALLY high. He took me aside to tell me that the Raven Queen wanted me to personally kill Strahd, and gave me information to help me do so. If I agreed, she would revive me, and help me whenever she could. Flash forward, and the rest of the party had heard me scream for help before my character died. As They arrive up the stair of this house, my lifeless body simply rises, and I begin o battle again along side them. I could not tell them why, but it made for a great story later.


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