DnD Story: The Cult Dungeon

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Entering a cult dungeon.

Players wish to deceive and pretend to willingly join cult in order to skip directly to boss

They are told that will require them to surrender all of their possessions and armor and wear sack cloth.

They opt to battle their way through


Players enter a room full of enemies and wish to attempt a Han-Luke-Chewie “fake prisoner” situation to get through

DM: well the prisoner will have to be stripped of all of their possessions and as there is no sack-cloth available, this will mean they go naked.

Dwarf character (who normally gets AWFUL rolls): ILL DO IT!!

DM: okay you know you’ll be naked right?

Dwarf: I doff my armor and get out of my clothes. A naked dwarf stands ready to play the prisoner!!

*whole table cracking up laughing*

DM: okay roll for penis length!!!

*laughter continues louder now*

Dwarf: Nat 20.

*table goes silent*

DM: *sigh*…. the dwarf’s abnormally large genitalia swing between his legs and will intimidate any enemy which sees them….

This is what I get for joking around.


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