DnD Story: The Door

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“The door who wanted more”

So my party is crawling through an elemental fire themed dungeon/temple and come across a room with only a door. We knock on the door, and are surprised to hear a voice, spoken in a slow southern drawl: “Hi, I’m Erbert, that knock hurt!!” Our party is amazed at this talking door and eventually figure out the puzzle in the room, after making friends with this door. Later on, we get a bright idea to take Erbert with us for the rest of the campaign as some sort of pet. I’m searching through a closet in another hallway, and crit my perception roll. The DM tells us we found some whiskey and a secret passage: back to Erbert’s room!! We tell him our plan, and soak the wood up with the whiskey so taking him off his hinges hurts less. We decide to try to cut this drunk, talking door into a smaller piece so he’s easier to carry… the ranger gets his hatchet, swings, hits… and Erbert goes silent. The whole party mourns, except the fire genasi, who starts making a fire with the now-lifeless wood. The DM, exasperated by this point, summarized it: “you got the door drunk, took it off its hinges, MURDERED IT, and now you’re making a fire out of his corpse???


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