DnD Story: The Inanimite Object

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The party is ascending through a mine/dungeon. Throughout the delve they have come across several large chests. The first one was a normal large chest. After that, they came across a couple of mimics that have given them a nasty set of fights, sticking to them and smashing them in the narrow hallways.

So, the last chest they ran into they were very wary. They hit it with a few arrows to see if it reacts. None have yet, but always worth the check.

Nothing happens.

The bardbarian walks up and sticks his sword into it slowly seeing if anything happens. He rolls low on strength, so the tip gets stuck in the chest and he can't pull it out.

The party goes into full battle mode.

The rogue tries to get close to stab it, fumbles, and gets stuck to the chest.

The druid drops a ball of fire on the chest.

The rest of the group go through a mixture of ranged attacks, and melee attacks that stick to the chest.

2 rounds later the chest has yet to attack back

Takes them a moment to realize that someone coated a regular chest with glue. No mimic, just an epic struggle against an inanimate object.


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