DnD Story: The Stolen Kid

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It was a story following a group of 3 or 4 adventurers at the time. They had just come from this situation where they needed to rescue this “stolen” child and in order to do that, the group needed to track down the last person they saw the child with in the neighboring town. The party was comprised of a cloaked human, who was mutated into a crystalline form of his former self, an androgynous fellow who’s abilities were oh so magical with a chaotic twist, a brand new elf friend who they later realized is a relative to a former group member that died earlier in their journey, and I the crazy charismatic rogue that was fairly weak in battle but oh so attractive. The group followed down this route that would be a direct way to get to the next town. The thing was, by taking this road they would come to encounter three banshees blocking their path when they reached this clearing in the path with a small pond. It was night time, so they were easier pray for the banshees. It was a difficult battle for the group as the androgynous wizard sacrificed one of his/her servants to one of the banshees. Ultimately killing them both. Weakened, the wizard had no choice but to heal before assisting the rest of the group. With one banshee down, the group saw a glimpse of hope. The crystal fellow was able to assist the new elven friend defeat one of the banshees by hanging up on the weaker of the two. But while they took care of her, her sister was next to the elven friend dealing a lot of damage. While I, the helpless member in hiding would inevitably watch as his group where being killed. The crystal fellow was the smartest of the group, so before things would go too far, he remembered that silver was a huge advantage to deal damage against these banshees. But non of the members fighting had any pure silver on them to deal any damage against the strong banshee that was left. Three weakened party members, one hidden rogue, and a powerful banshee with almost no hits done to her, the glimpse of hope the party had seen earlier was beginning to disappear. Then suddenly, the rogue looked down at his previously cloaked shoes. The very new fancy shoes had pure silver aglets. With his turn to go, he fashioned the shoes in a way to make a makeshift weapon and sprinted toward the last banshee. Crit hitting her with multiple blows. NO ONE ever saw that coming. The rogue had succeeded in killing the last banshee in a tremendous way. This was for sure the best battle the rogue had ever been in. His proudest moment fighting for sure.


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