DnD Story: The Tragedy of Droop

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I’m the GM. We’re playing Lost Mines, and everyone else is a new player. When they met Droop, they instantly loved him and carried him around in a makeshift baby sling since he had a habit of fainting. He grew slowly more terrified of them as they continued to brutally kill his fellow goblins while travelling around the nearby area, and finally managed to escape during a particularly gruesome battle. The party was sad, but also glad that they wouldn’t scar him anymore and he could live happily and go about his goblin ways. That is, until they rediscovered him hiding in Cragimaw castle. After killing the owlbear, they heard weeping from a high ledge. Droop was furious with them for killing his only friend, as he’d rolled spectacularly to feed the owl bear scraps and they were now besties. One of the party members tried to climb up to comfort him, but forgot that they were literally dripping with owlbear blood, having decapitated Droop’s best friend a minute previously. Droop panicked, scrambled to the window, and rolled a nat 1 to climb down. He fell to the ground, instantly breaking his neck, and the party screamed in horror. They still haven’t forgotten it.


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