DnD Story: Well well


So I’m the DM of our group, and this story happened awhile ago but it’s too good not to share. 

Our group consisted of Kougharsh the Fighter, Paxton the Barbarian, Arfaladin the Warlock, Maaar the Druid and Sundrum and Cleric

(Also a precursor, i employ the “roll percentage to see how bad you messed up” strategy when someone rolls a critical failure)

The party was exploring some caves beneath the town, looking for any evidence of a cult following that was forming. The only thing was the adventurers were horribly bad with directions, so they were constantly getting lost in this “labyrinth” of caverns. While meandering through the caves they came upon some fungi, specifically Pygmyworts, which shrunk you down to a tiny size, and Bigwigs, which returned you to normal size. These could be used to venture through cracks in the walls, exploiting some secret entrances into rooms. As the party was wandering through a regular sized tunnel, Paxton was tiny, riding on Kougharshs shoulder. A successful passive perception from Maaar alerted them to a Carrion Crawler that was following them. His first instinct was to yell to Kougharsh to throw Paxton at the worm like creature, then have him eat a Bigwig mid flight and come down hard on the Crawler. Being the gentleman Captain Kougharsh was he asked Paxton first, to which he agreed was a good plan. Kougharsh hucks Paxton through the air, he eats the Bigwig mid flight, and I ask him to roll acrobatics to see he if sticks the landing. Paxton critically fails. So just as he is about to strike the Crawler, it looks up, gapes it’s mouth and gets Paxton stuck halfway down its gullet. The party is really panicking now. They see his legs flailing in the air. They each take their turn trying to excise Paxton from this creature but to no avail. Come the Carrion Crawlers turn, it chomps down on Paxton’s torso, effectively cutting him in half, killing him and swallowing his upper body whole. Once the party defeated the Crawler they cut open its stomach, retrieved the other half of the body and held a funeral pyre for the deceased Paxton. But not before looting his body

By: Tyler Shank


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