DnD Story: Worst Thing Ever


In our campaign we have a fighter, sorcerer, angel, ranger, and a rogue that hates me. 

We're doing a rise of Tiamet, but easily get side tracked. Our rogue is a mission from a demigorgom to kill us without us knowing so he will be granted powers. 

The rogue tried to poison me, by saying this potion will take you to the ethereal plain so we can spy on the enchantress. I, the ranger, have a cursed bow with a demon in it, am the voted one to go; as I have the highest investigation skill. I nearly took it too, but prior to this, we found a portkey that takes you to the ethereal plain, and I asked one of the two that went if they saw the demon. He did.

So I avoided being poisoned because I had a split second thought to this cursed item I've had for weeks now.



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