DnD Story: WTH


Story from a week ago, using this to prove a point that barbarians don't have to be neanderthals

So the group is my barbarian Ysgramor, the ranger Ilithil, the Sorcerer Draco, the paladin Gregoire, and the Rogue who hates my guts Sarath 

So party is in a dungeon, and we come across a puzzle/trap that involved lighting magic and 4 levers, most people know what happens if you fuck up but for those that don't, let's say that the moment you mess up your character would be electrocuted. Rogue steps up and cockily says "I've got this, keep the idiot away from me" (he means me) goes to pull levers, get fucking zapped with like 18 point of damage putting him at near unconscious, so the paladin goes and grabs him and while casting lay on hands says "Hard to keep you from yourself buddy" so I step up, I decide to use my perception check here and discover that the levers all have symbols on them and that the door way also has these symbol (yes, the DM based this off of skyrim) so I decided to pull the levers and surprisingly, I don't get electrocuted and open the door after wards go and check on the rogue who is looking at me with the biggest look of "how the fuck" on his face to which I reply in character "Just because I was raised in harsh conditions doesn't mean that I'm braindead stupid, now get your ass up, we have to figure out what is going on here"

End of story, hope you guys enjoyed it



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