DnD’s Critical Role Book Garners Record Breaking Sales Prior to Its Release

And that too nearly 2 months prior!


As per DnD PR Chief Greg Tito, the Critical Role’s upcoming book Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount has already generated the most excitement and procured the most sales since the release of the fundamental DnD 5e rulebooks — and that was five years ago. What’s more, the book has climbed to the top of the ranks on Amazon, claiming the #1 spot in the category of new fantasy book. To top it all off, the release of Wildemount is set for March 17, almost two months away! DnD in 2020, statistically proven, is indeed all the rage.

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, like its name suggests, explores the continent of Wildemount, a new campaign setting. The concept is the brainchild of Mathew Mercer for Critical Role, a web series where professional voice actors including Mercer play DnD. Just as DnD is seeing a peak at popularity nowadays, so too is Critical Role enjoying the sweet fragrance of success. In fact, 2019 has seen it raising $12 million on Kickstarter, and an animated series emerged based on the first campaign of the show. The future business partnership between the premier table-top RPG and Critical Role looks promising, to say the least.

Another brand which has reaped the success of the height of DnD's popularity is D&D Beyond, a DnD character builder and am established partner of Critical Role. As the developer of D&D Beyond, Adam Bradford, reports, Explorer's Guide to Wildemount has taken the distinction of being the most pre-ordered book on their platform too. 

Wildemount on the map

Pre-orders are currently active, giving 40% discount. With nearly 2 months to go before its release, it is safe to say that Explorer's Guide to Wildemount is on its way to rising to the top of even more charts. 

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