Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Reimagined With A Villainous Plot

Look who's evil now!


A third-party supplement called Skullport: Dragon Swindle has just been released and it sees the highly celebrated Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist turn into an extremely evil entity.

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist officially released for D&D 5e last year and had positive reviews all around. A lot of it had to do with the fact that Waterdeep isn't your conventional area full of villains, rather a city of firm laws and justice. This means that it requires tactics and wit from the player instead of being about chaos all the time. However, since Dragon Swindle is set on Skullport, the only city in Undermountain, one can expect a great deal of chaotic experiences.

When it comes to the gameplay, Dragon Heist allowed you to pick one out of 4 possible villain each of whom had a distinct storyline. This was quite exciting, however, the Skullport based reimagination adds 3 more villains to its arsenal namely Rag Mage, the aboleth Skum Lord, and the Harpers led by Remallia Haventree.

Skullport: Dragon Swindle also comes with new factions to try out including the Keepers, the Chosen of Eilistraee, the Kraken Society, etc. Other than that, the supplement comes with 3 added encounter chains replacing 2 of the preexisting chain locations seen in Dragon Heist. This further backs up the chaotic nature of the supplement as it will definitely feel busier than the official version.

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