‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Epic Crossover With Magic: The Gathering Revealed

Epic AF


Wizards of the Coast recently published the Digital Dragon+ magazine’s latest edition which features news of the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The magazine included a new ‘Plane Shift’ article letting players discover and explore the world of Ixalan from Magic: The Gathering multiverse.

Talking about Ixalan, one of Magic: The Gathering’s ‘planes’ is the primary setting of the previous two magic sets, Rivals of Ixalan and Ixalan. Its design was inspired by Mesoamerican cultures and is filled with mystical lands and thick jungles alongside merfolks, pirates, dinosaurs and vampires.

This article sets the setting of the campaign and offers much more details about Ixalan’s world, creatures, cultures and tribes. When D&D players choose an Ixalan character, they are allowed to select from a very few creature types such as orcs, sirens, merfolks, vampires and goblins. In it, each tribe has their advantages and disadvantages which one has to carry while playing. For example, vampires get a speed boost after they feast on blood whereas orcs get to roll an extra damage die when they score a critical hit.

Magic: The Gathering’s five iconic colors are also translated into Dungeons & Dragons and it lets players choose specific colors that in turn help in determining their character’s personalities and alignments. In the article, Ixalan’s several monsters are converted into Dungeons & Dragons gameplay too. Players can face various dinosaur creatures including legendary elder dinosaurs or a powerful class of dinosaurs containing unsurmountable power.

Previous editions were characterized with two other Magic planes, namely Kaladesh and Amonkhet: two worlds recently explored in Magic sets and were released in the last couple of years. Its creatures are greatly compatible with numerous other D&D publications as well. Therefore, players can use them even if the adventure/campaign is not set in the world of Ixalan.

We also believe that Dominaria, the world of the next Magic set will also get an epic crossover with Dungeons & Dragons like Magic: The Gathering but it will happen after the set is launched in April. You can download the latest ‘Plane Shift’ article here for free.

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