Dungeons & Dragons Returns To Mobile Gaming With Warriors Of Waterdeep

Thankfully, you can put away your 20-sided die for this one.

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  • Wizards of the Coast and Ludia have officially announced Warriors of Waterdeep, a mobile Dungeons & Dragons game.
  • Warriors of Waterdeep is going to be free to play turn-based RPG that includes many known DnD characters.
  • The game will have a soft-launch this spring as a beta, with a wider version getting rolled out later this year.

Thanks to a partnership between Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast and the mobile game publisher Ludia, Dungeons & Dragons is making its come back to mobile gaming in the form of a game titled as ‘Warriors of Waterdeep‘.

This game is designed as a free to play turn-based RPG that allows players to choose one character from any one of the 12 existing classes and nine races. The mobile game roster includes the following:

  • Shevarith – Human Wizard
  • Raika – Half-orc Barbarian
  • Halbenet – Elf Cleric
  • Naomlen – Dwarf Rogue
  • Saarvin – Dragonborn Ranger
  • Tommus – Halfling Fighter
  • Farideh – Tiefling Warlock

Alongside these, some known characters like Yawning Portal Inn proprietor Durnan and Larael Silverhad will offer you quests in the game and run the in-game shop. On the other had, Mirt the Moneylender will be present to run card trades in the game.

In the game, you’ll be allowed to use cards to upgrade your playing character which can be earned by completing story chapters and earning a victory over certain bosses or be brought in card packs. You can either trade duplicate cards for new packs or merge duplicate cards for better effects.

Characters will be able to have up to 12 different pieces of armor, four class items, six weapons and four wondrous items, according to VentureBeat.

The storyline of Warriors of Waterdeep is vague as of now. However, ogres and dragons will try to delay your progress in the game. Moreover, your choices will affect which enemy you’ll face in the game as well.

All in all, Warriors of Waterdeep despite sounding first of its kind is not the first DnD game for mobile. Wizards of the Coast previously collaborated with DeNA to release Arena of War in 2013. However, the game was shut down in 2014. As of now, if you want to play a Dungeons & Dragons game on your mobile phone then you can turn to the digital adaptaion of the Lords of Waterdeep board game only.

More details regarding Warriors of Waterdeep will be revealed as the time passes and its beta version releases in spring. The app will be available for download in both App Store and Play Store, though you can use this link to pre-register for the game: Pre-Register For Warriors of Waterdeep.


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