The Daring Dwarf Fighter’s Encounter with the Bell Tower Beast

By: Louis McIntyre


We (The party) had screwed up the timeline and changed a bunch of what happened by “accidentally” removing a Lich from the time (DM given power).  So we had to go back to the temple/church (A dungeon we had cleared once) under the city through the tavern basement with the Ringing Bell.  It was never destroyed and was supercharged because the Lich never fed off of the Bell Tower Beast (Bellefore or something like that).  So we went back down and spent a bunch of time looting books that randomly affected us.  The Paladin and Monk swapped bodies after the Monk had turned into a woman for 24 hours.  That was interesting.  Luckily that one happened as we were running out of the Temple.  So we managed to have only 1 actually fight before the boss.  Paladin and Monk killed it though.  So we get to the Boss, the giant monster in the bell.  I remember it trying to grab us and drop us to our death so I get out an immovable rod and put it in an easy to reach the spot just in case, Bell Tower beast is at the top of a 200-foot tower.  We get close and I look up and go huh, I have a perfect shot (I’m a Sorcerer).  So at about 60′ below it I quick cast 2 fireballs into the Bell.  Paladin looks at me, oh we’re starting, and does his void teleportation (Ability given by the DM after previous stuff, we all had unique abilities).  DM described it as the Terminator time travel bubble.  Just leaves a smell of ozone and a rush of wind filling in the missing space.  Monk tells the Fighter to run to the top, evidently, it has a sonic scream attack it can do.  So my next turn I then Fireball it again, and quick cast Dimension Door to get to the top next to the Bell.  I just beat the Fighter and Monk to the top.  At this point, the Paladin decides to use his new poleaxe with Sharpness.  Sharpness does max damage on an object.  To cut the Beam the bell beast is using to hold itself at the ceiling like a bat.  So he slices out a chunk of the beam and the bell beast slides off the beam and starts falling.  The Fighter with her (DM given) ability to see the fates, sees two possible outcomes at this moment, 1 it’ll fall on us crushing us through the floor and on down, Or 2 it’ll fall just to the side and miss us.  So she grabs me and throws me into the safe area from the two possible outcomes as it begins sliding off the beam.  Once it slides off the beam, the beam whiplashes up causing 25 points of damage to the Paladin. My slightly afraid of falling Sorcerer (Every enemy with levitate has hit me with it, thus the immovable rod in my bag now).  Decides I have another slot of Dimension Door…I should be fine and I jump off the platform to follow the Bell Beast down the tower and shoot Fireballs into the Bell.  We kill it before it hits the bottom and the Fighter pulls out her Magic Carpet and catches me on the way down.  We start flying out of the dungeon because it’s starting to collapse.  I take out my magic climbing rope and manage to hook another magic book off the shelves as we go by….It has random effects when someone comes into contact with it.  I rolled it to give us 4x speed, so now the Fighter and I are blitzing out of the dungeon tunnel setting off all of the traps we missed and streaking past before they hit us….We turn the last corner and remember it’s a solid wall past the exit (The door into the dungeon was in a cellar)  The Fighter attempts to stop the magic carpet, which stops, but we both fail our Dex saves to hold onto the magic carpet so we keep going at breakneck speed to the wall, so I quick cast Dimension Door holding onto the fighter, who managed to get the magic carpet back in hand before we went through the Dimension Door.  I teleport us over the river at an upward angle and lose grip with the Fighter who immediately slows down to normal Magic Carpet speed as I’m flying away.  I get out my 2nd Magic Climbing rope and tie it to the immovable rod and have the rope tie itself to me, close my eyes and activate the immovable rod, which causes me to spin around the immovable rod a bunch of times until I finally stop and dangle about 200’ above the river.

I rolled out a 3.5 Barbarian with all of his skill points in Diplomacy, Persuade and a high Charisma.  His backstory was he was kicked out of his tribe for wanting to talk instead of fight.  So I found myself awakened in a cell with several other people just waking up.  We managed to get out of the Cells and loot our locked up items but I wound up with 2 helmets.  I put one on for looks and carried the other in my main hand.  Our random group came upon a group of Goblins in the tunnels that said we have to pay to pass, so my character speaks up before anyone else, and I ask it in Goblin what is the price.  The goblin looks surprised and puffs up his chest a little and says “all of your possessions if you want to pass with your lives.”  So my barbarian not wanting a fight rolls a persuade, and someone I convinced the goblin that it only needs the helmet I was holding in my hand.  So I roll to attack, they are goblins I can’t let it live, and roll horribly (I think I rolled a 1) on my “Throw helmet at the goblin.”  So the helmet bounces off the wall and down the tunnel.  The goblins take off and follow the helmet and disappear.  We run into the goblins again down another tunnel and the same thing happens but this time we end up fighting them.  I kill a couple and double back to help out the others and the wizard is in a grapple with a goblin so I take my negotiating helmet out and throw it at the goblin, again rolling a 1 and hit the wizard in the head which did enough damage to drop him below 0 and the grappling goblin finishes him off….WHOOPS!  So I walk over to the Goblin and snap his neck but the wizard is past help so we loot him and my friend had to roll up a new character….

We get further into the dungeon and I find a box of apples and I carry those around for a while, using them as ranged weapons and negotiating tools.  I threw the entire box at one enemy and convinced it those were payment enough to skip that fight.


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