Elder Dragon fight in Dwarven underground Highway

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The Party, after being arrested for murder of the tortuer of their friends, is being escorted to the dwarven capital halfway there, an elder dark dragon attacks the prison wagon looking for a diety within the warlocks mind Granterra, the monk and Barbarian charge forward and attack the dragon.  Monk misses and gets flattened by the dragon but survives thanks to his dodge reaction and the barbarian rage cutting the damage in half and then precedes to slam her magic war hammer onto the claw of the dragon. The dragon then uses its wings to knock the two down, the warlock launches two eldridge blasts, only one hits for 14HP the bard uses polymorph and the Dragon save is a Nat 1. The dragon turns into a tiny angry kitten. While the monk looks at the bard while prone “again? What is with our luck?” The barbarian picks up the cat to try to lock it up and the cat turns back into a dragon. Bard uses inspiration and the Monk is back on his feet. The one arm battle mage launches stormball and lightning damaging the dragon and when the dragon goes to attack the bard monk attempts to attack in reaction, but misses. The archer launches a blind arrow which is cancelled emptying the legendary magic immunity. The Palladian grabs a dwarfguard halberd and slams it on the dragon, smiting it twice. The dragon jumps to the roof of the cavern and dashes off towards the dwarf capital. The party then wonders how to get to the capital faster when the monk suggests the bard polymorphs into an animal to pull the cart.

The bard, not seeing any other idea, agrees and morphs into the lizard that was eaten by the dragon during its initial attack.

 The party comes across a garrison that has been attack, and that is where this session ended. 

     Also Monk told party he was only a level 6 the DM was shocked he survived the fights and had him move to level 8, I am the monk


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