Ever Gone Griffon Fishing?

The time my party's monk tied a tiefling to a Griffon

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Greetings Ladies, Theydies, and Gentlemen, aswell as 1s, 0s and otherwise; allow me to regail you with the tale of how a Rogue Tiefling was used as a humanoid Bobber for some Griffin fishing.

First things first i need to introduce the party:

• Syrin the Aasimar paladin 

• Frizzleshiz the dwarf fighter 

• Cass the fire genasi bard

 • Dunlap the Elf Monk 

• FrizzleSnotz the gnome wizard

 • Paldwin the mysterious(he never told us what he was or what his class was, aside from some basic combat ability)

And lastly my character: • Palios the tiefling Arcane Trickster(Pronounced Pay-le-yose)

The game will mostly concentrate on Palios and Dunlap.

Our DM made a campaign based on Everquest, the main idea was we were sought out by a druid(a nod/connection to another campaign we played and lost) to be used to fight tiamat, but in order to do so we needed to prove our abilities.

You see, the druid often found ways to use plane shift, and through that, realized that like alternate planes, there were also alternate worlds. So we were asked to prove our metal, as the druid searched for a party strong enough to fight tiamat.

To prove ourselves we were taken to a different reality/plane, where we were given our main quest by a dwarf king. Our goal was to help him get the materials to make a legendary pair of boots.

The list had these pertinent items: 

• Iron nuggets • Elk Hide • Griffin Hide(from the strongest griffin) • A bar of special iron from fire giants

So we kill some gnolls that guarded an iron mine to get the nuggets, and ran through a few other antics of the party. Some antics include Palios racing Dunlap to the next destination, Dunlap had Expidicious retreat and longstrider on, so more or less had a movement speed of 150 or so.

Palios certainly didnt win the race but our two characters were proved the fastest. We used our speed, and Dunlap and Palios chased down the elk to skin them, getting an estimated 280 lbs of Deer meat and the elk hide, youll see why the meat is important in a little bit.

After some walking we find the Griffin roost, but cant approach because the entire griffon roost would attack, and so we decided to take a long rest. During this time Dunlap made a stealth roll(Nat 20) to tie a rope to Palios while he slept. This makes for an interesting affect, because Palios, being a winged tiefling, had slept by hanging from a treebranch by his tail. One end of the rope was attached to his leg, and the other end of the rope was attached to roughly 80lbs of deer meat and left in a field near the roost, the rope was 2 lines of hempen rope tied together making a roughly 120 ft long rope.

All the characters wake up, and start eating breakfast until they hear the scraw of the griffin. Within a flash they see the leader griffin flying towards the field with 2 smaller griffons in tow. The leader griffon then dives down to the field snatches up the meat in a flyby. This didnt seem to be too important until I had to make a dexterity save, and a strength save. Having failed both, the party saw that Palios went from eating breakfast to being yanked into the air within less than 3 seconds. After failing a Constitution saving throw, Palios was yanked into the air screaming and shrieking. 

Having noticed his plan worked, Dunlap yelled the forever immortalized line: “THE BOBBER HAS GONE UNDER!”

In a flash the party proceeded to chase down the griffons, using a flailing winged tiefling as a good example of what to follow. After roughly a minute of flying, the griffon lands, dropping Palios on his head. Within a few turns the party catches up to a small clearing, and proceeds to attack and kill the largest griffon. After the DM cackled from what happened, he provided DM inspiration to both Dunlap, and Syrin. 

The reason Syrin was given an inspiration was provided after the game ended; apparently she noticed the rope tied to Palios but said nothing. 

After the griffons were slain and the griffon's hide was collected, we were then sent to a mountain to find the giants to retrieve the bars of the special metal. Once we got the metal, we returned to the Dwarf King and the session ended there. It is to be continued soon with another Session coming this week, i only hope the game goes as fun as that session.

That session was the last time Palios will sleep without being tied to a tree. 

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed.


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