Falling Sky Episode 1: The Festival of Ole Valeton

The beginning of an adventure that starts with a spring festival and a few people who are drawn together to stop a threat that may destroy a small village.


So I have been running this campaign, my first proper full one with some old friends called Falling Sky. It's on hiatus at the moment, a chance for me to take a break from DMing and so I thought I'd put the stories of it all here. One Session at a time in the forms of these Episodes. I hope you all enjoy it.

We began our adventure in Ole Valeton, a small farming village that sat on the banks of the river and was built from the ruins of a long-forgotten city that once existed here. The town was celebrating the Spring Festival, celebrated on the first full moon of spring. Here my players introduced their characters. Thoriel an artificer Thalli elf(based off the Fore Claimers from the Fools Gold Campaign) lived on the outskirts of town with his daughter where he would study the old ruins, believing they once belonged to his people who have long since been dwindling in number. Boulder, a Goliath Barbarian working as a farmhand for some humans, the only race he trusted after his tribe was slaughtered. Milo, a halfling rogue posing as a blacksmith, though she wasn't a good one, a facade she put up to remain in hiding. Reverend King, a local priest in the church of the Artiarch who had found a tome containing great power and had become a Warlock. Yakil, a blood hunter dwarf who had been wandering the lands seeking a cure for an ailment. Antinua, a moon elf sorceress also wandering the lands and finally Ayor, a dwarf cleric made of living stone, visiting Thoriel to try and find a way to become flesh and blood.
All and all a good group as you can see and everyone was starting at level 3. My players were hyped and ready to begin starting in a pretty split state once we began.
Out in the fields Thoriel, his daughter Thalia and Ayor were using some new machine Thoriel had made to find artefacts and such buried underground and were picking up some pretty weird signals. As they moved around they witnessed dug up fields and kept picking up something moving underground.
Meanwhile, in the town, the rest of the group were assisting with setting up the festival or just looking about, except for Milo who rolled low on her performance check and was hammering the same horseshoe over and over again. King was much the same, finding quiet places to talk with his new patron, an immortal green dragon named Xorsim, trapped in the book.
After rolling high enough on a perception check to see Milo was faking, Antinua approached but not before Milo closed up shop and jumped into her bag of holding to hide out from the approaching sorceress after Antinua couldn't find her Milo and Boulder met and tried some of the local food, only to find it poisoned.
Boulder was fine, being a Goliath he could make the Con save with ease, Milo however did not and took some poison damage. Becoming aware of the danger the town team started looking about for a source and found a hole in a back alley near one of the food carts.
The group thought nothing of it until Yakil spotted some gold coins near the entrance. Milo, ever keeping up with the stereotype, jumped in to get more gold. It was then Thoriel, Ayor and Thalia rode into town and everyone met up for the first time.
They decided it would be dangerous to allow these beasts to continue causing havoc and they might attack the festival. So with some quick thinking, Thoriel rolled Arcana to reverse his machine, to send out vibrations rather than detect them, and he succeeded. Boulder hefted the device on his back and leaving Thalia behind, they headed out into the fields to set the machine down and attract the monsters.
Soon enough three giant Mega Centipedes erupted from the ground, Milo and a bag of gold being flung out with them and it was time to roll for initiative.
The group worked together like clockwork, with Boulder, Ayor and Yakil, Milo taking advantage on those flanks and sneak attacks with the casters offering long-range magical support.
With their combined efforts my players dispatched the Centipedes easily and were able to make it back to town in time for the festival. Good food, tall pints of ale and some lively dancing was just what the group needed after a good starting session. But it wasn't all over.
The next day the mayor of the town called the party together asked them to take the centipedes to the capital Eratesh, to trade them in for gold. The party was pretty down for that and I gave them a boat and river to sail down at that was the end of Episode 1.
Pretty standard beginning quest but one we all enjoyed. Anyway, things get real crazy next time. 


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