First Time D&D how a Noble Holy Man turned into a Vengeful Harbinger

Sadly this campaign was never finished nor will it but i use my character in further campaigns.


A year ago my childhood friend had convinced me to take a go at DND. He had assisted me in getting settled in with my character whom I love above all my characters I created later. My character is Named Godric Leviathan a proud noble bronze dragonborn of Sparta who was a powerful soldier, respected leader, and highly loved Noble. Godric and his family were in close relationship with King Leonidas and even served under him. When the party was to be fully assembled it was to be composed of Godric the strong Noble faithful paladin, a wise ass Wizard named Charles, a merfolk sorcerer named Rishani and a dragonborn tabaxi hybrid barbarian named Tienee. The story started with Godric whom was on his way to acuire vestments gave the gold he was going to use for them gave them to Rishani whom was a urchin on the street. Upon returning to family estate my DM has the urchin and I to roll perception checks, with both of us turning our attention to the street which we witnessed the marching of the spartan soldiers and Mobile heavy mechanized suits of armor. It is then my DM has me make a wisdom save, once i passed he allowed me to choose whether to let this influence through or reject. I chose to accept and come to find out it was Godric’s god passing a message of warning to him about his family. As I started to leave off to my estate the urchin had rolled higher and managed to hear the crowd cheering “Any and all Mayan followers are to be placed under arrest and put under judgment!”. Hearing from her God Rishani caught up to Godric and gave him the message, it is then they exchange a small greeting to come and find that they both are of Mayan pantheon. Rishani being an urchin and knowing the streets she guides Godric to his estate without being noticed by the spartan soldiers, it is then that horror is struck so fiercely that even I outside of game felt it. Godric Leviathan the eldest his parents and next clan leader of his family Noble name had seen himself become an orphan for he saw the very same people whom he defended had drug his family out of the estate and mercilessly executed in public both his mother and father as well as two of his younger siblings. Engulfed in rage I attempt to storm this crowd and slay the lot of them, however Godric was calmed and even restrained by the very small merfolk Rishani. “I can understand your rage, I cannot express my sorrow enough for you, but going out there now and making yourself known is not the best thing to do right now” is what she says to me. Thinking rationally I swallow my murderous rage and decided to get what belongings i can and flee the city of Sparta with my newest companion. We go to a side of the estate walls that has no one from the mob around, with Rishani on my back i get a running start to jump over the tall wall, divine intervention kicks since i rolled low as if i had wings a wind carries me over the wall and I land with no consequence. Once in the walls of my estate i see it has been set ablaze, using all constitution i have i hold my breath and run my way through the burning home acquiring all my adventuring equipment then leaving to the stables with Rishani behind me. The DM now has us both roll perception checks, twice we dont see anything on the third check Rishani sees foot prints and draws her quarterstaff and maked an attack, she strikes an invisible person with max damage another struck horror to come and find out it was my youngest sister whom had not been executed and hung with my family. Had I not been so quick to use lay on hands she would have died instantly, carrying my unconscious sister i go to the stables and hop on my giant lizard to escape the city with Rishani riding as well. As we ran through the city we were being attacked by every which way, the dice gods weren’t too kind to me for the first few rolls to where i took damage to later pass out once outside the city walls and far away. This was just zero session what comes further ahead is alot more. In the start of session one with all party members in attendance it starts off with our scrawny nosy knowledge hungry mind mage wizard Charles. Charles was in arena in the city of Athens facing off against a sphinx, he had been getting guidance from Athena his godly patron. He failed his wisdom save and is not in control of his legs for he is now walking toward the mouth of the sphinx, he panics makes an attack role to melt the mind of the sphinx. When he subdues the sphinx he then attempts to read its mind absorbing any and all knowledge he can access. Hearing him do this didnt seem fair but the friend of mine who played Charles was experienced D&D player and had acquired the ok from our DM friend. It is then he fails a check when diving further into the mind of the Sphinx thus leaving it literally brain dead to where it reacted of the most basic of instincts and tries to attack him. When the attack fails he literally melts the brain of the sphinx thus killing it, Athena appears shocked and disappointed in Charles for there was no danger should Charles had entered the mouth, it was but a test. Afterwards Charles awakens in the arena with bodies surronding all unconscious. Confused by what all had happened he attempted to leave the arena, but as he did those that were unconscious became awake thus attacked Charles. It would turn out the Spartans had invaded Athens as well continuing their search and execution of the Mayan belief followers. In the only remaining temple I, Godric, took my youngest sister to my only remaining family which, lead to no avail. After Charles had successfully left the arena he had met Rishani who had been hiding in a well full of corpses of Mayans who had been slaughtered. Rishani remembering me followed the guidance of her god she and the mind mage had found me in the temple holding my lifeless sister surrounded by slain innocents and brutally murdered Spartans. 

I will write the next portion another time thanks for reading. 


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