From cleric to Warlock part 1

The story of a Tiefling cleric that died and became a warlock but was to nice to be one

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When i play D&D i have a tendancy to choose support classes as Tieflings and this time i chose to play a Tiefling Cleric of life named Pit (and yes i tried to make Pit from the video game but as a devil). his backstory was that he was born into poverty and was shunned by society for being a infernal bloodline. when he was younger a mob tore his wings up so he couldnt fly anymore, all the people in the town hated him except the local cleric for the God of Life (in this world he was called Milam ((Mil-im)) ). he adopted Pit as his own and trained him as a cleric. during the campaign he was alittle out of place next to a skeleton fighter, a human rouge, and a Minotaur barbarian all of whome chaotic good compared to Pit's Lawful Good. but the group and DM were all good friends of mine and didnt force me to change anything about Pit, it went that Pit became the peace maker of the group and made most of the deals between legal officals and shop owners. he had a special friendship with the fighter, trying to help him through the harshness that was being undead. we go through 10 levels worth of fighting, trading, explaining and everything else a D&D session would do. and Pit had further established himself as a calm and kind individual, the group even coming to his defense when people would insult him for being a 'devil' (this didnt happen to the fighter because he used illusions and full body coverings to avoid being seen as a skeleton. it was going great until the group had come upon a snowy mountain, the main plot of the story was that we were hunting magic artifacts for the magic college. and one of them was at the top of a snowy mountian in an empty temple. we couldnt see a thing so we opted to tie ropes around ourselves and hug the base of the mountain. it was when we got to the enterance the gaurdians defending it attacked us. Pit was the first and only casualty and 3 failed saves later he had died. "NO!" the fighter screamed, "Someone grab a potion, anything!" but it was to late. Pit was dead and on his way to the afterlife, Milam calling to him. the session ended after this and the DM called me to a different channel. at that point he gave me a choice, choose a new character and establish myself with this group ive never met before or come back as myself but different…and i opted to to try out a new class and chose to become a warlock. thats where ill call it for now. let me know if this is a good story! 


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