Gang war

Party comes across the end of a gang war and rogue makes first attempt to ill the fighter


Party arrive at a warehouse and hears a scuffle, the paladin walks away due to almost killing a purple peddler. 

  The fighter walks up to check the door for a trap seeing none, then the rogue grabs the fighter’s arms and the artificer places a gang symbol on the fighter’s forehead and then yeeted him through the door. A knife grazed his arm causing 5hp damage. The rogue curses his luck at not killing the idiot who did not hear it. (Rogue has a contract to kill the fighter)

They see there is a wolf creature in a cage behind the 3 Kobold and 3 Kankoon and a bunch of bodies with the same symbol on the fighter’s forhead.

 artificer tries to shoot a kobold and misses. The Fighter, tried to attack the one that hit him with a knife, misses a shot with his arrow, rogue 1hit kills a kobold. the wolf creature in the cage disappears and scares the enemies to the point of crapping their pants while stabbing a Kobold with a broadsword. the giant launches an eldridge blast killing one kankoon

The artificer lion launches an acidic rock into the face of a Kobold and disintegrates it. 

 The fighter seeing the rock work throws a rock the Artificer gave him and kills his target. 2 kankoon are still alive  fine one Kobold is wounded the giant mage casts sleep and they all fall. The wolf creature kills the Kobold  in front Of him to heal. So after tying up the two living Kankoon the wolf creature finds a secret room with a magical artifact that the Artificer checks while the fighter and Wolf creature interrogates the prisoners. The Kankoon are so scared they end up fighting to the death sacrificing one to appease the wolf man. The fighter gets a map from the survivor and the wolf scares the Kankoon one last time as it runs off.


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