Goliath, “The Last Defender Standing”- My first D&D Character


This was my first time playing D&D, I was invited by friends to talked to the DM. The Dungeoun Master told me “You can choose race, class, or just the name and I’ll do the rest.” I chose to just name the character just because I didnt know anything about the game.

So game night comes around and I’ve decided on my character’s name. The DM asks me to tell him my character’s name. His eyes light up and he gives us all a full belly laugh while the rest of us looked at him in confusion. “Your character will be introduced when the rest of the party meets him,” the DM tells me. The party was made of 3 people before I joined, a dwarf sun soul monk, an elf forge cleric, and a dreamland cat (H.P. Lovecraft 5e) barbarian and the group had entered an abondoned temple of Athena where elves and humans gathered for worship. Unfortunatley, the place was infested with goblins, but the party was there to clear them out. They had already cleared most the underground catacombs before I joined and entered my room.

DM: ” You all enter a room where you find a group of dead goblins, hacked to death and drenched in their own blood with no evidence of what or who killed them. Give me perception checks.” All of them fail. DM to me: “What do you do?” I tell him, “I come out of the shadows to reveal myself to them.” My character steps forth revealing myself and speaks, “I am Goliath, the last defender of Athena’s Temple, who are you?”  DM finally gives me my character sheet. I am an 8 ft tall, grey skinned, gargoyle fighter armed with a greataxe. We all busted out laughing as we realize we just made a 90’s tv show enter the game.

Anyways, the group and I team up to get rid of the pests from the temple. As we clear the place the DM describes Goliath as swift and ruthless as I cut down my targets. We enter the second to last room where a statue of Athena has been disfigured and broken with a red eye painted in blood on her chest. DM: “Goliath angered rushes to the statue trying to remove the symbol with his claws, but only manages to smear it across the statue. Eventually he gives up falling to his knees and roars loud enough to make the catacombs rumble and alert the remaining goblins.” Me: “I Goliath swear vengeance till my last breath to kill all responsible for this dishonour.” Dwarf: “Over here! I found a secret room still untouched by the dirty goblins.” We entered the room undefiled still holding its hallowed essence to find a statue of Nike, wings spread, holding out a longsword.

The dwarf monk was the first to grab the sword seeing it as his right for finding the secret room. Elf cleric “Give the blade to Goliath, it’s his by right of home.” Dwarf: And it’s mine by right of finder’s keepers.” As the dwarf tries to swing the blade the DM has him make a STR save because he wasn’t proficient. Nat 20. He swings it with excelence and grace proving he can wield it. DM: “You still wont be able to use modifiers with it because you lack proficiency.” Dwarf: “That’s fine.” The “Sword of Nike/ Victory” is a +1 ATK longsword that the dwarf strapped to his back. The dreamland cat barbarian didn’t care for the weapon because no  thumbs, but Goliath did care, however he was more focused on revenge than the sword.

Me: “Let’s keep moving, we can worry about who gets what once we’ve finished clearing this place.” The others agreed and we pressed onto the last room. We make our way to the final room, where we find a bugbear, 3 goblins, and 2 giant rats. The group approached the next room with caution, but when we made our way to the entrance the DM said, “Everyone make a CON save.” I rolled a 2 and was stunned, everyone else succeeded. The goblins received a message from their leader through a scrying spell. DM: “A dark shadowy figure appears before the goblins, all you can make out is a red eye and a murderous prescence surrounding the room and out of the archway. DM: “While you can’t hear everything, you can make out a single sentence, “Prepare to attack the city of Ouija.” The party began their attack, but I was still remained stunned for two round until I broke free on a 17.

The dwarf monk killed a goblin with the longsword, while the elf cleric smashed his mace into a giant rat, while the cat barbarian sunk his teeth into another goblin. By the time I joined in, the last goblin had run away and the rat and bugbear were all that was left. Goliath goes after the rat first, NAT 20 he cut the creature in half like butter. Only the bugbear remained, flanked on all sides by the party. Even though alone and flanked he still proved a challenge because the DM made him a LV 5 fighter, but I was LV 1 and the others were LV 2. 

Upon defeating him the DM explains: ” The monk cripples the bugbears left leg with a kick to it’s knee, while the barbian bites into its right heel. Goliath cuts of the left arm and the cleric delivers the final blow with “Toll of the Dead” spell. Upon defeating the bugbear, the dwarf looks at the blade, gives the longsword to Goliath. Dwarf: “The blade is yours, I just wanted to get some use out of it before I handed it back to it’s rightful owner.”

We accepted the fact that one goblin got away, so we made our way out of the catacomb, leaving the temple we discussed our next move. Elf: “The man who was scrying to the golbins mentioned the city of Ouaji. It’s the closest city to us, only 2 days away. Will you join us, Goliath.”

The gargoyle looked back at his once beloved temple as a moment of silence passed over the party. Goliath: “I have no where else to go and the enemy moves ever out of my reach. I swear upon the goddess of war and my honour, I will have vengeance. If joining you brings that outcome than so be it. The party heads out with the dwarf getting the last word in. Dwarf: “It’ll be nice to get a fresh brew in a tavern.”

First Story

This is my first try at a story for the channel I hope everyone likes it. There is more, but I wanted to see how well it was recieved first.


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