Greygorn and the deadly window

Ever did anything so outside of the box it totally surprised the DM in your d&d campaigns?


A while back I played in a First edition game of D&D. It was a friday night, the group consisted of Me- Greygorn(grey-gorn) the half-orc Fighter. My Dad- Fitz(Fits) the human ranger, and my dad's friend who played -Suru(sue-ru) human cleric and my friend who played -Elgin (el-G-in) a wood elf ranger. We were all about level 3 or 4. The story so far was that Fitz, Suru, and Greygorn were apart of the Chossen ones, who were going to kill Azubor(az-u-boar) and stop him from killing Satan and taking his place. We were at a tavern regrouping after getting an artifact to help us in our quest. we were trying to figure out where to go next. Fizt suggested that we go north and look through the black tower but was cut off as a group of robed individuals came into the tavern. While we were inside the tavern a group of Azubor's minions had entered the tavern. We hadn't had a long rest or enough time to regain any hit points or spells so we were all pretty low at this point. The minions saw us and attacked on sight. The first of the minions lept forward with a dagger and tried to stab Elgin but he missed and ended up hitting himself in the leg with his own dagger shouting " Gah! They are stronger than they look!" Clearly shocked and trying to cover up that he had just stabbed himself. Next was me (Greygorn) I drew my Bastard sword and ran into battle shouting "I've got this!" but the door was blocked by people running away to which he said "Fuck". Everyone else had gone and killed some minions. Greygorn hated feeling useles so he jumped out of the window and shouted "LEROY JENKINS!!", forgeting how big he was he got suck inside the window. Minoins tried to attack but all missed because of his insane AC and how high up he was. After wriggling his way out of the window he was at one hit point. When he fell onto the ground it was alot higher then he originally thought and he took 3 points of bludining from hitting the ground then an additional 4 points of piercing damage from shards of glass. Then the minions who had surronded him all stabbed him with their daggers. In total he dropped to -19 hitpoints. RIP Greygorn, he would have lived if it werent for that darn window. Suru tried to revive my but it had failed. (we had a rule in our game that if a PC goes bellow -10 you are dead forever and connot be resurected) It hurt even more because the DM had never seen anyone do that before and he hadn't had a PC die on him in over 13 years. (It also didn't help that it was my first ever campiagn) I have never trusted my characters to go near windows ever again. 


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