Gusset and Eyelet

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I have only been playing for a short time.  The group I joined is a IRL group but because the World is on fire right now we have stop meeting IRL and we are playing online.  Because of this our Campian is on hold so we have been playing one shots.  I am really Enjoying the opertunity to play but i am sad that it is not a contuining story, especially since my most resent character was supper fun.  I played Gusset Sure-Stitch , He was a tinker gobblen Battlesmith Artificer(5thlevel).  With persion from the DM I Skind him as a Taylor.  So the Steal Defender was reskind as Eyelet The Silken Defender.  Eyelet was a set of cloths stitched together and Animated with a patch work head that looked like a really bear.  I had a great time Riding Eyelet around, and smathing things,  I was the tank for the party and a  little bit of heals too.  I had great fun.  Not really an epic story but A fun build and I look forward to playing Gusset agian. 

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