How a 5-year old killed my character

The story of how a god threw our party into the Hunger Games and I lost because of a 5-year old NPC.


First let’s lay down the characters, in the party there was a halfling bard, a drow shadow sorcerer, an aasimar paladin, and (my character) a blue dragonborn draconic bloodline sorcerer named Dragon (it’s not his real name, I’ll get to why he’s called that). We were all level 5 at the time, and there was also a 5-year old girl NPC that we had saved earlier. Something important about Dragon is that he believes that he is an actual dragon that was cursed into the form of a dragonborn. So, his main goal in life is to break the curse. However, there is no such curse, he’s just an insane dragonborn with delusions of being a dragon.

Now this story happened while our party was traveling between cities. As we neared the end of our trip, we made camp and set up a guard. Though it didn’t help much, since our guard fell asleep. We then all woke up on a beach resort (tiki bar included). We then heard a booming voice that seemed to come from everywhere, that basically said we were to fight each other for his entertainment and the winner would be granted a great boon. This really appealed to Dragon, since this could possibly cure his “curse.” The battle royale started with me attacking the drow and he retaliated with a level 3 spell (the highest level he had). Now, I was quite tanky for a sorcerer, so it didn’t instantly kill me. But I was still in bad shape, so I cast alter self to give myself aquatic adaption, and dove into the water, where I found a chest with a staff that let me absorb spells fired at me as a reaction. As I was taking my swim, my teammates decided that they didn’t want to fight and would try to find a way out of our arena. I then faced a moral dilemma, I didn’t want to attack my friends, but I knew that Dragon wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by. But, since Dragon was the one in the battle, I attacked my teammates, and managed to drop all the players with a single lightening bolt. However the drow used the strength of the grave shadow sorcerer feat to stay at 1 HP. He created a fog to hide himself.  Needless to say, I was pretty cocky at that point. With my only competition being a literal 5-year old and an almost dead sorcerer whose spells I could absorb thanks to the staff, I thought I had this in the bag. However, Fate had another plan, because as I fired AOE spells into the fog trying to hit the drow, the little girl snuck up behind me and shanked me in the back, doing the exact amount of damage needed to knock me unconscious. After that the paladin failed his death saves but the bard managed to get back up. However, the drow now had the staff (he also made sure i died by attacking my unconscious body), and the bard had no ranged attacks except for spells, and he couldn’t get close enough for melee, so it was a lossing battle for him. So, the Drow ended up winning, met the god who pit us against each other, and got a glowing pebble embedded into his chest (which we still don’t know what it does). We then proceeded to wake up back in our camp, not a scratch on us, and full memory of what happened. Our characters didn’t trust each other after that, they especially didn’t trust Dragon. However, their players congratulated me on playing to my character. So, everything turned out well, though Dragon was still salty and held a grudge against the little girl. It didn’t help that she eventually stole from him and ran way and still has yet to be seen again.


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