How a clever child ruined Team Rocket

Three generations of family playing three generations of trainers go on a classic journey together.


I was inspired to share this story by the "Dads, daughters, and D&D" story. We've had a lot of adventures together, and I'm almost certain that I'll have forgotten some details, even as I type it up, but I'll do my best!

This story centers on a party of four trainers, in a fan made pokemon system.

In no particular order. We have my character the Stone Shrine maiden, Sora Mason. She's an oddball, and kindof an airhead sometimes. She's kind and playful, and is pretty much always getting into, or out of trouble simply by not knowing how to deal with people. She grew up in a shrine off the beaten path on Mt Moon, she's mostly on this journey because she wants to learn more about people. Always at her side is Rawk, a roggenrola that followed her out of the mountain.

Next we have the Blind Channeler. Sally Silver. Born blind, she ran away from home with her seeing eye dog, a Lillipup named Aize. She was tired of being treated as if she were helpless at home. Her goal is to see the world through the eyes of every pokemon. 

Next we have the oldest player ( and character) Elder Serena Cypher. She's an occult specialist from Lavender town. Mostly retired, but retirement was boring, and the Rangers asked her to try to keep these kids out of trouble. Her companion is Flora the Bulbasaur. She treats the tiny creature almost like a cat, often sitting and petting her while observing the antics of the others.

And last but not least, the youngest, my daughter's character. Lilo Chance. She's a junior Pokemon Ranger, on this journey to prove that she can handle things. She's a talented young trainer, very eager and creative. Her partner is a Teddiursa, which she named Teddy. Honestly, a lot of our game is just her doing cool and/or cute stuff. But we all have fun.

We play weekly with a team of 2 GMs, Leo and Zoey through a slightly modified version of the Kanto region. Most of the plot is very familiar. But it was easy for them to hack a campaign out of.

We went through a mostly typical Pokemon game introduction, though everyone had their starters already. We met with Professor Oak, who is clearly either blind or senile as he asks the people he was scheduled to meet with for their names.

We have the task of traveling around, solving problems and doing the gyms, because of course you have to do the gyms. This is pokemon.

The initial game isn't too noteworthy, other than Lilo befriending a Poochyena, appropriately named Poochie. 

Serena's grass type absolutely destroys most of Brock's pokemon, but we consider the MVP of the fight to be Teddy, as she soloed his Onix, driving it out of the ring.

On our way up Mt Moon, Sora stops to headpat a Geodude, which decides it wants to come along. Not as a party member, it's just friendly.

Lilo catches a Jigglypuff she named Peaches, and her player places a matching plushy into her lap. This will be important shortly.

Once we enter the cave within the mountain proper, we are immediately accosted by grunts from team Rocket.

Grunt: "Hand over your pokemon, or el-"

Sora hands him the friendly Geodude: "Here you go." she says softly before skipping away, clearly thinking this solves the problem.

The grunt is visibly confused, and the party notices the Geodude begining to glow, and they step away, just in time as Geodude uses Self Destruct. KOing the three grunts in an instant.

We continued through the mountain, Occasional use of Sleep powder from Flora allowing us to avoid several fights.

My daughter has noticed me writing this and insists that I inform you that along the way we took the Helix fossil. She says that if I don't mention it, you'll all ask, and that you should ask anyway, because comments are good for the youtube algorithm. (She likes Mah-dry-bread's challenge videos.)

After the absolutely vital choice was complete, the cave went dark, as did the lights in the room, as Zoey flipped the switch.

Moments later,the two GMs turn on flashlights, and perform the Team Rocket Motto, introducing us to Jesse and James.

Lilo's player is loving this, as those are her favorite characters in the anime. So we give her afew minutes to stop giggling, then she stands up, holding the Jigglypuff by one arm, points to them and shouts "In the name of the Pokemon Rangers, you are under arrest!"

Jesse and James laugh at this, and Leo, in his best James impression says "We're not afraid of a twerp likey-" he is immediately interrupted, as both in and out of character, Lilo hurls the Jigglypuff into his face.

Without missing a beat, Leo grabs the plush, and falls back, screaming into it and writhing on the floor.

We all take a minute to stop laughing, and then Zoey takes over, and combat begins.

Because of the rules we're using, James' Koffing is still allowed to participate in the battle, though it takes some minor penalties due to its trainer being incapacitated.

Jesse does her best, but is being overwhelmed. 

Every time his turn comes up, Zoey turns to Leo and asks "What's James doing?" To which Leo responds by writhing and screaming into the jigglypuff. Much to my daughter's delight.

In the end, the pair escapes, but this would not be the last time we'd see them.

Much later in the campaign, we've made our way to Celadon City, and found the secret entrance to the Team Rocket hideout. A little before this, Lilo befriended a Rotom, and was excited to see what it could do.

Upon entering the hideout, Lilo looks for a port to plug her pokedex into, and finds one after a good perception check.

She asks Rotom to let her see the security camera feed, which it succeeds in giving her. 

We see a lot of grunts on the cameras, and immediately realize we are outnumbered.

A brief party discussion, and I can see the wheels in my daughter's head turning. 

She looks to the tablet she's using as a prop, then looks to Leo. "Can Rotom make me sound like Giovanni?" she asks.

Leo thinks a moment, and asks her to roll his Technology Education.

She rolls the dice, and all four of the D6's come up with 5, +4 from his modifier. For a total of 24. 

He informs her that yes, he can do that, and allows her to hack into the intercoms to do whatever her plan is.

She intentionally lowers her voice irl, and speaks into the tablet as if she were her character.

Lilovanni: "This is the boss. I need everyone to report to the cafeteria immediately for cake and icecream. We have a very special birthday."

All of us burst out laughing, recognizing where the inspiration for this plan came from, and Leo describes how all of the grunts on the camera abandon their posts, and make their way to another room.

Upon seeing this, we rush toward that room, intending to take full advantage of this distraction.

Lilo pulls out a crowbar, and has Teddy, who evolved a few sessions previously into a mighty Ursaring, bend the bar around the handles, locking all of the grunts inside. But as we turn to walk away, Leo asks for a Perception check.

We all made the DC, and Leo states "As you walk away, you hear this from inside."

Happy Grunt: "I can't believe the boss remembered my birthday!"

My daughter wrote a note for herself to bring him a cupcake in prison once this is over, and the session ended.


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