How a dwarf barbarian became a dragon slaying king

This is how a dwarf barbarian became godly from killing one enemy

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when I was younger around 8 or 9.Before I started playing dnd I was already in love with it ,listening to podcasts and videos. But my favorite stories were from my dad and of his dwarf Gilmor. He played with two other players. An elf bard and a gnome warlock, The story had started and they had gone pretty far into the dm's story when they got a quest to head to a cavern system. The basics were that there was a kobold organization with a paint made of bone tattooed onto them in the shape of a lightning bolt on one side of their face. Once they had gotten on the wagon the bard played a song to what he hoped might lower the payment needed for the ride, unfortunately it didn't.When they had finally made it they fought through the waves of kobolds all the while the bard got a few kobolds to reveal where the place they kept the riches that they stole. once the kobolds were taken care of, they started walking towards the room the kobolds had said is where the items were gilmor was in front when the dm had done the "rocks fall" but he did it in a different way. It went as having gilmor on one side and the bard and warlock on the other gilmore looked behind him and below the small decline was a black dragon with a stairway to his right leading to it. surrounding the dragon were stolen goods.Instead of waiting for the warlock and bard to destroy the boulders in the way, he told the dm "I find the biggest rock i can see and pick it up" dm: ok roll strength.  18, enough to pick it up.He continues "I walk over to the ledge and I drop the boulder on its head." dm: wha- o- ok roll dexterity. 13 dm:it lands on your foot injuring it beyond repair, but as you yell in pain you wake the dragon but  as it looks up its head is squashed by the boulder leaving it dead on the ground. The party breathes a sigh of relief,  but my dads plan doesnt stop their as he obviously takes some treasures leaving plenty for the rest because he has his eyes set on something else. he tells the dm I roll to use my axe to take all its scales. dm: you dont have to ro-.   I roll to take a scale. he continued  to roll for each scale and would sell them for an incredible amount of gold and used it to make a kingdom. he used the dragons teeth to make new axes and had his injured foot amputated for a gold peg leg and would have armies hunt dragons to extinction. Long story short, if you kill a dragon sell the scale


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