How a goblin who wears a chaos deity’s mask became king of the sewers

And how it happened in the span of a single night

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So this is from a recent session of our current campaign. to give some context to the characters I play a golden Dragonborne monk who has a very disgruntled personality, basically imagine iris' dragonite as a dnd character except a little more relaxed. there is also a half dragon mystic who happens to ooze acid whenever he likes, and the star of this story, a goblin with a chaos diety's mask who loves garbage… so danny devito if you made him the star of the mask. Anyways one day we are in the capital of this huge city and have to gather supplies and rations for a war coming up regarding some drow, the undead and a dragon queen. My character decides that he would need some health potions for obvious reasons and to also get rations for food. that actually goes off the rails when my character sees other dragonbornes so he got distracted and tries to chat since he thought nobody else crossed a dimensional plane into the world we are in, so he was excited to say the least. However, while he was distracted, our good friend danny the goblin decided that the outside was too boring so he jumped into the sewers below with only a torch in hand. When he reached the bottom he came across a fleet of sewer gators that just looked at him. He manages to tame one and rides it like a noble stallion through the sewers with the othwmer gators. Meanwhile, my character finishes up the conversation and gets what he needed but he noticed that our little goblin isnt with us. so me and the mystic search for the goblin above the sewers for two hours! we were about to give up when i thought well… he isnt the cleanest guy we got as a team mate and he must of thought this place was too clean, the dump is outside the city so there was only one other place… the sewer. the mystic found a manhole and i helped pry it open since i had the muscle. we definitely found him l which is when he called out to us and said, "JUMP IN!" The mystic did but i saw a bunch of gators and decided that me thinking being in a sewer with a bunch of nope was a bad idea so i quickly closed the manhole… my character went to the local tavern and drank until i was zonked out. Meanwhile in the sewers the mystic is being escorted by the goblin while riding on a gator to a big room with a throne made out of trash. the mystic asked what happened and the goblin said "I AM KING OF THE SEWERS!" It was a long night of insanity below the streets so the next morning came and when they surfaced there were royal guards that pulled then out. I asked them "why were you in the sewer?" the mystic said "he is a king down there! has a whole throne made of trash and everything!" i not wanting to question anything just said… lets go look for some missions to help us out… this was pretty much one of the main events that happened here but other events including opening a guild with my character as guild master were involved in the session! this is my first story here so i figured i share this quick one for sure!


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