How a goliath barbarian became the high priest of a forgotten religion

This story took place about 8 years ago, one of the final arcs to an amazing campaign, for context different gods have effects on the world even if lacking followers

  1. This story took place about 8 years ago, one of the final arcs to an amazing campaign the cast of the story Me the goliath barbarian, T the half-orc fighter, J the gnome monk, H the dwarf ranger and D the tiefling warlock E the dragonborn wizard/ sorcerror

The party having returned to the adventurers guild the morning after a long quest to find the place in a panic, as most of the people of a chaotic nature seem to be in a comatosed state luckly for Me i had an item what protected against this without knowing so we asked the vice guildleader what was happening for her to explain that suddenly last night the guild leader and others suddenly collapesed and havent worken up or been able to be woken up by any means

So we investigate around to find that its the same all over and that the more days go by the worse people seem to get, thus we returned to the VG to find out if she knew anything and could give us a lead so we could solve it as i was concerned my items protection might not last, for her to tell us to examin the guild leader as he was mumbling in his state about an island of ash and fire and how she must be saved, hearing this wizard sudjested finding a cleric who could scry and find out where we needed to go to save everyone.

so after a day or two of preparing we hired a boat and set off to find the island and save the day, it was a relativly calm voyage aside from the ocasional attacks and bad weather, ow and kraken but we and the ship was equiped to deal with that (4 giant slaying balista) and lightning javalins)

We reached the island we expected to be dead and lacking life instead had a busling city with numerus people going about their buisness, as we explored to find out information splitting the party Me, warlock and ranger going one way and fighter, monk and wizard going another looking for clues as to where the woman we need to save was we noticed there was no temples in a city this large and a layer of ash covered everything and that the people seemed off everyone was smiling and not actually talking and ignoring us and bumping into us  as if we werent actually there. After examining one or two of them properly we realised this city the lively happy city was a ghost town undead just wandering the streets doing what they did in life before what ever happend happened.

warlock being the person he is decided that he didn't like this and grabbed one of them yelling "WHAT ARE YOU WHAT MONSTER DID THIS TELL US  WHERE IS SHE" and as the word she left his mouth all of the people froze in place and thr smiles dropped and turned  and stared at us. wizard used the message spell to contact me paniced the city froze and the people were staring the same direction… towards warlock, paniced we drew our weapons ready to face hordes upon hordes of these things as they moved aside opening a path leading to the edge of the city, we knew that what ever did this to them knew we were here knew what we wanted and were welcoming us with open arms and we stupidly accepted

we got out of the city to find a desert with a smoking mountain in the distance realising we didnt come prepared for a trip through the desert ranger decided to summon us some steeds so we wouldnt waste any time getting there, during the travel our warlock found some mushrooms and decieded to enjoy them causing himself to hallucinate and filled a pouch with them which caused a few situations to happen delaying our journey like throwing an eldrich blast into a cave of giant scorpians resulting in us fleeing away from tens of them with him shouting the roast chickens are chasing us lets eat them causing us to tie him to a horse and gagging him.

As we arrived at this mountain what turned out to be a volcaino spewing ash all over the island with ruins around it apon looking at the ruins we discovered images of a goddess no one recognised and a tunnel leading into the volcano and two 15ft tall figures flanking it weilding massive axes which as we got closer we descovered were skeletal minataurs larger and more terrifying then normal ones we charged them me and the fighter each taking one as the rest provided cover we then decided to enter after me and fighter arguing over who killed our minatours first and as such gets to go first into the tunnel of course I won lol after what seemed like hours of tunnels we found a chamber with lava at the bottem and accross the way skeletal archers and mages ready to attack luckly i rolled highest on initiative and asked the gm how far the gap was as our wizard was saying about casting spider clime when it was his turn GM" its about 30ft 20 across 10 down and why do you now have that smile on your face" Me " i rage and jump it" GM"make a athletics check" Me "NAT20" GM "ok so where do you want to land and you get advantage on an attack if you land next to someone" Me "ow i want to land on that mage" and as i land i roll to see if i hit and get another nat 20 taking the head off of the mage and swinging for the next by time my party got a go i already had killed 2 mages and "Disarmed" an archer as we advanced we found rooms one containing beds and lockers and a robe similar to that which the skeletons were wearing and my character not being the brightest decided to put it on thinking he could blend in.


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