How a Leprechaun Got One Over on a Demonic God

The beginning of the Leprechauns Folly.

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This story is about a 3.5 campaign that me and some friends started. It had some Homebrew races and creatures, but the rest of the material was from the 3.5 handbook. Our group consisted of me, a leprechaun bard; The DM, who rolled a homebrew anthro spider race barbarian; my wife, who made a treant-like barbarian; and a druid, that was some kind of octopi/mer folk hybrid. the campaign was supposed to just be a series of one-shots, just us advancing in rank in an Adventurers Guild, but I managed to derail the entire thing. Like many good stories, it started at an inn in a small town. My bard was at the bar playing music on his fiddle to impress the crowd and make some coin. The barbarian and druid were at a table talking, having recognized each other from descriptions the guild gave them. The anthro spider wasn’t in the picture yet, but qe would come acrosa him soon. The group gathers, and hears from one of locals that there have been attacks by ravenous wildlife in the area, which was odd because usually they stayed out of the village. They decided to imvestigate, and found thselvea traveling to the edge of town. As they entered the forest, thw group found some wolves that looked corrupted. They take out the beasts, and continue on. They are walking along, and suddenly they are attacked by a group of goblins. We fought them back, and chased them to a cave further into the forest. My bard cast  comprehend language, and heard them talking about a plan to corrupt people aoon, not just animals. We lost sight of them, but as we came to the cave’s entrance we heard a noise from nearby. There was a tall tree with corpses littered around it, and in the tree’s branches was our fourth party member, the anthro spider barbarian. He was quad-weilding a set of axes, and waa covered in blood. The leprechaun explained why they were there, and the spider agreed to help them. Along the way further into the cave, the group encountered more goblins. The treant was barring them around with her great hammer, the bard summoned a celestial porpoise, and the spider hacked away at them. The  druid cast soften stone, and the rest of the goblins were sunk into the floor. We easily finished them off, and found a chamber where wild animals were being corrupted by some kind of potion. The leprechaun noticed some goblins nearby, and qent ahead. He concinced them that he was an ally, giving the group time to one-shot both of the Goblins. We gathered samples of the potion, and continued on. In the final chamber, there was a group of goblins, and their leader was standing by what I discovered was a portal to another plane of existence. A large hand was putting more bottles of the corruption poison through the portal, and a loud and booming voice commanded them to start corrupting people. Some of the foblins seank the potion, and died. The leader was left alone, and the group attacked. He was a warlock, and was fighting us with magic. Hials minions suddenly fot back up and started to fight, as well, making the dight harder. The corrupted ones were hoeeibly morphed; One had his ribcage explode feom his body and formed a large mouth, the eins serving as teeth. The leprechaun barely survives the fight, but when it ends he notices that bottles have started to pile up. He gasps, and goes to use magical device to close the portal… Right ad a large eye entered the portal to see what was going on. I rolled a nat 20, and the eye was quickly severed. Panicking, he scooped the wriggling organ into his bag of holding, and told the group to destroy the portal. The group did, and they fled back to the village. They reported to local guards that it was done, and went to the inn to celebrate a mission accomplished, and a new friend joining the adventurers guild. All was well, until they went to sleep. The Leprechaun was pulled into the demonic plane, and was face-to-face with the demonic god; Abbadon the Defiler. He swore vengance on the Leprechaun, and said that his followers would make the bard a sacrifice. The next day eveeyone woke up, and all was well. For now, anyway. The session ended, and the DM said that things went from 0 to 100 really fast. He congratulated me for my quick thinking, but cursed because now he had to make up a story fornthe world now. We haven’t played any more of that campaign, but I loved every second of it.


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