How a level 3 artificer killed the big bad without fighting him


this happened not too long ago me and a few of my friends were playing dnd 5e and i was a gith artificer name dak in the beginning of characters when adopted by a very nice man. after leaving with him our characters Accidentally release a immortal being who then killed everyone except our characters and after ten years on game of characters ran into each other and after a short quest we made it to the city and after turning in a bounty the city was under attack we went into attack after the first fight the dm gave us a deck of many things we lost two players to the deck, one got rich and he now had someone looking for him, another player got a knight companion, i got a increase to a stat and i also got one wish and made a poor wish the wish was to know where my brother was and it showed my adopted bugbear brother who was being held by the big bad boss on top of a volcano and after a fight in a temple of a God a duodrone appeared because prior this fight a monodrone a apeared asking people how they feel and one player who was a asamair and for its purpose which brought a duodrone telling he that they were looking for unlicensed dimensional travel which dak said out loud that the person who he was talking to dimensional travel with no permission and after that player killed the duodrone we went outside and saw the whole city surrounded by hundreds of modrons one of the party members waved one and ask what going on and the tridrone told him the same thing and then dak had a great idea he told where that there is a anomaly on top of the volcano and the tridrone sense a immortal being on top of the volcano and all of the modrons went there and beat the living shit out of him and the only thing the players could see was a beam of green light shooting into the air killing some of the modrons and after that my dm gave me 1000 ex for doing that 


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