how a little girl turned a paladin into a plushy

this is a story of how a little innocent looking girl got the best of our party and turned the tank and primary healer (me) into a stuffed plushy


we get to a city just having reached lvl 5 and this being my first time playing as a paladin i was playing a homebrew race a sergal named Cc, there was a ranger elf named hass with a large spider pet, a rouge homebrew wolfkin named demonclaw, and a wizard wingless arokokra named ignus. on the road to the city i would summon my first "find steed" witch was a larger verson of a mastif (because i wanted my mount to be able to follow scents) as we get to the city the guards stop us and seem to tell us to be carefull as there has been some murdurs some parents just found dead leaving a little girl all alone. demonclaw decides to wander around town to find stores, i wait for the crowd around the guards to lessen before going up asking if they have info i could get and maybe even check on what happened but they "we shouldnt give information out to citizens"  being the dumb paladin i said "im not a citizen im an adventurer from (important city where we started basicaly)" then the guard said "still i dont think the captin would be happy with us giving out information" i then inquiered "who is your captain" and the guards said "captain rovain" and i then asked "ok is there any way we can posably help out around the city" the guards shook there head "not really not that we can think of this is the major problem nothing really ever goes on here" and i said "well if you need us just look for me i do kind of stand out" i said being a sergal not from this world riding on a large mastiff and the guards chuckled a little nodding "we see that and what buisness do you have" i smile "we are just really passing through to glowell" the guards looked inquisitivly "what buisness do you have in glowell "we are looking for an important person" i stated the guards nodded "i suppose we can mention you to the captain and see what he might say" as they went into the house other guards keeping us outside of the house after a while the guard would come out with the camptain of the guard as i see him i smile and wave "hi" the captain smiles "well i would very much appriciate some assistance we are very much so stomped on this are you in any way edgucated in the arcane arts in any way" i smile "we do have someone that knows arcane he is probably at the taveren let me go fetch him" rovain nods i then head over to the taveren where the party was and look at ignus "hey we need your assistance" as we then head to the house with demonclaw follows as the whole party comes with me rovain looked at all of us "i though you only had one friend i didnt expcet this whole party do you need this entire party to go into the house" i shake my head and look at ignus "hey ignus you can go in and investigate we can sit outside and wait wile you do your arcane stuff" ignus will go up to the captain and shakes his hand "im ignus" the captain nods "a pleasure" they head inside as they close the door behind them ignus would see a main hallway with a kitchen to the left and a living room to the right with stairs going up the guilding looked neat "all right its upstairs follow me" as they head upstairs there were 2 or 3 rooms upstairs one was a bath and a guest bedroom as well as a master bedroom he opens a door and he says "this is where the dead bodys are shreaded and basically destroyed on the female body the head is just gone decapitated with no trace with 1 large sigle on the wall and smaller runic markings around the room ignus goes up to a wall and checks the sigles rolling his arcana check as he figures out its some sort of components to a necromantic experemantic spell seemingly written in abbysal as he then asks the guards for parchment ink and a feather to write the components for it as the guard grabs them and hands them to ignus ignus looks up "this is necromancy this is not good there is a reason why the head is gone " the guard shrugs "we did try to look around the place for the head and we didnt find anything" he then was escorted out of the house as i looked at him "hey what happened whats going on" hass would interject "how many bodys?" i look look at hass "hass  hass why?" "ignus says "not good very bad two bodies a missing head" i sigh "this is not looking good" we all then headded off to the taveren after a night at the taveren paying for rooms and food (lots of rp skipped only important bit was 3 year ago there was a murder and the only survivor was a very little girl) in the morning a bit more rp as ignus would ask about the little girl named suzie apparently staying with an elderly woman ignus would ask "i think that she may have some useful information" the captain nods "i suppose that would help" the captain nods and takes ignus to the house with the little girl and the elderly woman the little girl with a stuffed little bunny would come down the stairs as we all see this little girl as she was carrying a stuffed bunny as she moves up "you look funny" she comes up and tugs at one of ignus's feathers "thats pretty so what you wanna talk about?" ignus sighs "i need to talk about waht happened to you and your perents as she looks at the captain "i though we were done talking about that?" the guard nods "we were but this fine man needs to know what you remember" the little girl says "well theres not much i can remember he was wearing robes and had a bushy beard but other than that i dont really remember much" ignus gulps "well whatever is going on this man is getting rash and bold hes getting close to what he wants" rowan looks at the girl have you been letting anyone in your house?" the girl shakes her head pulling out a necklas with a key on it seemingly to the house (bit of rp skip) we head to the house and i meet up with the little girl and smile "hey there suzie im Cc" suzie smiles "you look funny"


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