How a noob wizard shouldn’t be given a free will


In a game of 5e dnd I started to play with me friends things were chaotic from the start. Out of the four players and the dm only one of the players knew how to play and it was one the frist games that the dm dmed. I decided that I was going to be a princess high elf wizard named Ria(r-I-a), my best friend was a dragonborn fighter named Mongolian, my girlfriend was a tiefling bard named Floras, and the only player who knew how to play was a high elf rogue named Stella. We were only on our second session when we ran into a goblin nest, and like any sane group of outcasts we go and raid them. In the process we were able to get the high ground, so I had the great idea that I should let Mongolian throw me in the middle of all the goblins to try and use a spell that I had called thounderwave. Our dm just start to laugh at my idea, but quickly realized that we were serious. He made me roll for acrobatics, but made Mongolian roll for athletics and sleight of hands. Luckaly for us I rolled a nat 20 and he rolled a 17 and 19, so we ended up haveing a magnificent throw and pose mid air before killing 6 goblins with a single attack. Our dm was so impressed with that show of “skill” that he leveled us up to level 2 just from that alone. By far this has been a great dnd experience. I will continue to do wild stunts like this in the future because I have come to enjoy derailling the dm.


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