How a player created an omnipotent viewer of worlds from a tavern fight.

This is the story of John and how a simple drink being spilled in a simple tavern fight made him known a Mr. J the omnipotent viewer of worlds.

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It all started many years ago back during highschool, typical story a group of friends coming together to play some fun d&d. At the time we were playing 3.5 and I was the DM, one of my closest friends was playing an Orc Fighter at the time this character also so happened to love drinking and taverns as his background revolved around growing up in one. So of course I started the game off in a tavern as most typical DMs like to do where everyone would have all of their characters meet. It was in this tavern that their fates would be sealed for the rest of time creating the omnipotent viewer of worlds simbly known as Mr. J.

Most of the party enters the tavern seperatly except for the Orc Fighter who had already been clearly their for a while and very much so drunk by that time. As the players begun introducing themselves a a typical tavern argument was being had int he background and the player brushed this off as just some background activities by the npcs. It was not long after that I introduced a Dragonborn NPC one with blue scales who was simply named John and was supposed to joint he players on their adventures. I had given them this NPC for exactly 2 reasons. 

The first reason was they only had 4 players and I knew for this game I was going to throw some some heavy hitting monsters at them and they could probobly use the help. John was a Paladin who was also going to give them a plot device informing the group that the king was in need of some brave or possibly foolish adventurers to take on a mission to save his son from the clutches of a crazy cult that worshipped a Dragon and he would pay these adventurers very handsomely. 

The second reason being that John was secretly the campaigns big bad evil guy or at least we was in time. In this campaign the plot would eventually unravel more about this crazy cult, the cult would be revealed to not just worship any type of dragon but a Dracolich, one that had been getting more powerful over the many years of its unlife. It would have been revealed that John actually worshipped this Dracolich as well as apart of the cult in secret always pulling the strings and keeping the cult one step ahead of the party. In the ending of the Campaign the party would have to face off with their own friend one that had be traveling with them the entire campaign, as he eventually finds a way to take the power of the Dracolich he worshipped being consumed by greed for power. 

Unfortunatly this did not happen and by the party preventing this made an even greater enemy. Back at the tavern as John was going to introduce himself tot he party and set all of the plans in motion the Orc Fighter convinced the arguing npcs to settle it in an old fasioned tavern brawl, succeeding his check the npcs began fighting however this soon spiraled from 2 npcs fighting to a full on tavern brawl as now the enture tavern joined the fight. As this was happening I decided that players would start needing to make checks to even walk around if they didnt want to be hit or shoved int he fight, John failed his check. As he walked over to talk with the prty he was shoved into the bar and spilled the Orc Fighters drink, the player staying within character and for fun decided to attack John, unfortunatly for John I rolled his HP terribly while we was the same level as the rest of the party. The Orc Fighter rolls a natural 20 on his attack and really high rolls on his damage, this instantly killed John as he caved in his face much to my suprise and everyone elses. They wrote this off as just a funny interaction I had happen, but It was so much worse.

Only after a few session we stopped playign that specific campain unfortunatly many players became busy and we for some reason had a tough time keeping a regular campaign going all the way to the end, when they began asking me how it was going to end i told them they actually killed my bbeg and they all thought it was hilarious.

Next campaign we tried to have I started the players off exploring and finding an underground dwarven and gnome city, the city was abandoned this would be their base of operations from this point forward. As they received a mission from a Lich NPC one who worked for the king and happened to be fairly nice sent the team on a mission to fight a necromancer who had been causing trouble with his undead consrtucts in a mountain not to far from thair base, this necromancer was named Mr. J the reference conpletely unnoticed by the players. Eventually climing to the top of the mountain and fighting off many undead monsters they met with a cloaked figure sitting in a throne carved of stone, his hands were scaled but different color and he began the typical monologue.

Mr. J: I forsaw this arival, yet everytime I see it something different happens in the end. You took everything from me, my life, my dreams, my future. Have you come to take more?
Fighter: Have we ment before?
Mr. J: We have not met, but the one that commands you knows who I am and I will make them suffer for the rest of time and through any distance of space.

It was then he stood and pulled back his hood revealing a patchwork face of different dragonborns stitched together like a horrid puzzle gone wrong. The players finally caught on and were suprised and found it fairly funny that I brought him back. After defeating Mr. J they thought that was the end of it, but they forgot what he had said before the battle so very quickly.

Eventually Mr. J would always be there always watching in every single campaign I ran from those days forward even to this very day. Every campaign I wrote and scrapped he has traveled to and from, even appearing to my suprise in some of my friends campaigns they have run. He has never played his original part as the bbeg, but he traveled from alternate worls and campaign collecting power until he became completely omnipotent, always able to watch te players and their characters but trapped in his own pocket world by an unknown force, waiting, biding his time, and telling many stories until he can finally have his own chance at being the big bad evil guy after it was stripped away from him all those years ago. In fact many players have started to give me theories to what exactly he is, even that Mr. J is me, the DM. While I have enjoyed many of their theorys I cannot confirm or deny them, because they just might learn the truth in due time, because with every new world he looks for a way to break his binding to the wpocket world he is trapped within.

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  1. I don’t think I know you but I ran into mr.j in the game he arrived in he was a traveling sailsman dragon born who’s scales did not mack, limped, and a fascination with binding artifacts, he got a dimensional anchor from my party and gave us a long list of magic arms and armour, we never saw him again

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