How a player is destroying the bonds of the multiverse


Ive been GMing 3.5 since high school, playing on and off for years, only really getting to play as a player Every now and then. I decided to put some of my PCs to use as NPCs in a game that has been almost 10 years in the making. After my wife lost her job, we found it easier to schedule games so that we (the party and I) could all play on a pretty set schedule. The party consists of a half orc Barbarian, a dwarf Sorceress, a dragonborn Ranger, an aasimar Bard, and a Squirrel Rogue. A legit squirrel.

This story focuses on the Sorceress. This campaign is done in two parts, the first, the current game, is the evil side. The second is the good side, where the party gets to see the after effects of their choices and deal with them. The Sorceress has a flaw we homebrewed called Arcane Obsession. She is obsessed with powerful magic and if she finds something of significant arcane power, she has to have it! Well, me being the evil person I am, I gave her the Deck of Many Things, or in my game, the Deck of Destiny. Every day, she must roll her will save to see if she can resist drawing from it. Eventually, it becomes harder and harder to resist. So far, nothing terribly exciting, but things take a turn for her.

Now enter our Aasimar Bard; the player was unsure if they could make games consistantly so I went with the whole outside aspect of the Aasimar race and offered her to be a demi-goddess of another plane. She chose to be the demi-goddess of public relations between Mortals and Gods. Her secret however, unbeknownst to the character, is far more dangerous. She is the goddess of Balance. Her identity is hidden behind psychosis and magic and even the gods fear her. The Deck of Many Things is an extension of her, being the aspect of Chaos. The aspect of Law is a rapier named Rupert that talks and does quips to keep her from remembering who she is.

With the deck in the hands of someone unstable, ie the Sorceress, at one point, the Bard accidentally is handed the deck, getting a brief glimpse of her history and the future it holds. This encounter added cards to the deck. The Seven Deadly Sins. One particular card from the new ones is important. Sloth. I homebrewed these addons to be devastating. Gluttony makes you obsessed with one thing for 1d6 days, Pride lets you automatically pass your checks, Lust gives you someone who is romantically devoted to you, though that can turn crazy and deadly if they are not stable. But Sloth is my favorite. You automatically fail all checks. Need to dodge? Too slow. Need to climb? Eh, who cares. Poisoned? Well, I guess I’ll die now.

This is important as the player drew three cards from her obsession, the first card gave her a new kingdom to her now expanding empire (she deemed herself Empress). The second was Sloth and third was Wish. She wished for a Tarrasque to be under her control and only hers, linked to her will. 


She didnt realize the Tarrasques will was gonna be so strong and it drove her somewhat insane. Over the next three days after realizing she would fail everything, she stayed still in her room, drawing cards as she automatically failed her will saves. Fourteen cards total were drawn and each one more devastating than the last. Eventually, the party was fed up with her drawing and putting the world in danger. As they looked into the sky, it seemed as if the fabric of reality was beginning to sunder. The Barbarian drew and luckily got the wish card, Wishing to destroy the deck forever. The Bard knew the only way was to give it to a god of Law. So they did. Tiamat devoured the deck, repairing reality for a brief moment, but little does the party know, the end is nearer now that Balance has been disrupted



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