How a poor warrior became a god


So i learned about dnd about a year ago but started play about 6 months ago when i started i played as a human fighter named jay he was born into a village full of warriors in his village they fought for everything money, position of power, and even marriage. your position of power was determined by family strength there are three classes for families lesser families which are average warriors, average families are families with some degree of skill and greater families which are the strongest families in the village.   jay was born into a lesser family and when jay was younger he was made friends with the chefs daughter named hana but one day jay was caught by the chef and was told to scram because lowlife scum shouldn't be around his daughter but that did not stop jay he began training he trained extremely hard at age 13 he master the hakono sword style and marital arts at age 16 he became of age which allowed him to marry but he waited until next because it was tradition for the chef to have a tournament for the affection of his daughter.  jay signs up for the tournament he donimates everyone except for haku be comes from a greater family known for there strong greatsword style jay and haku fought for hour but neither could continue due to exhaustion so the chef declared that jay and haku would have a remacth two months from now jsy leaves the village to train while away jay learned the two sword style but when jay returns he sees his village destroyed as he looks for bodys he sees a headband that hana gave to him when he was only a child what hit him really hard but as searchs for bodys he sees none and from day forward he swore to find hana and the people of his village . after going to the city he figures he needs to survive so he joins a party to get the essentials he needs to find hana and his village after many adventures he start viewing his party as his family and he tells his party his backstory  and they all agree to help him find hana and his village but before we left we did one last mission this mission was to find a magical ring in a dungeon we find the ring and put it in a bag but what we did not expexct was a giant death knight we fight but all of use almost die but in that moment i hear a name call out to me it sounded like hana on the ground i crawl to the sound and as i open my eyes i see a beautiful black katana as i grab the sword i feel a dark energy take over me but i try to resist the best I can as i do this black magical energy covers half my body but these dark temptation is to great and the magic takes control and as it does it absolutely destroys the death knight has this is going on jay is unconscious but like he was in a dream he sees this giant skeleton wear iron armor with a purple flame coming out of its head it says to jay "You there you dear deserve my sleep" jay looks at it as if he just saw a owl bear fly the jay responds with "I'm sorry to deserve your sleep but i need you help i need to save my friend from this monster I Will Do anything you want just help them" as if the thing was helping him  jay wakes up and when he opens his eyes he sees the the death knight about to swing on him but he dodges out of the way but when jay looks at the he sees a glowing string connecting to the death knight jay pulls this string and the death knight just turns to dust jay and his party all come out of the dungeon alive. after many conversations with this skeleton he figure out that he is was a god but he was becoming to powerful and the other god began  to fear him so they cursed him to live out the rest of his immortal life as a sword the gods name is Kiribati and his the god of death,battle,and the 6 hells and the reasons the gods feared him is because he did not need followers to survive and he tell jay of a prophecy were the the gods will turn on earth and try to destroy it and the three gods forsaken by there own kind will defend the earth so we go on an adventure to go find the wielders of the of the other blades as we look we figure out that haku is still alive and his the wielder of the second sword his god is the god of light healing and pride his sword is a giant great sword and after two years of searching we find hana and it turns out she was the wielder of the last sword her god was the goddess of ice,  beauty, and dance after the great reunion me and haku agree we have some unfinished business and we decided to have that rematch promised so many years ago we battle four many hours but i win by the skin of my teeth in this victory i get on my knee let out the 


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