How a random NPC found his way into the hearts of the players

This is a story about the random NPC my players fell in love with, if only for his bumbling idiocy.

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So I want to start off saying that theres a lot that happened, so I know theres missing details. Please bear with me on this one. I started a homebrew campaign in a homebrew world using the 5e system with three players. They were a halfling rogue, a high elf rogue and an assimar sorcerer. It starts off with the party on a boat with a group of raiders to, well, raid a town. It was a larger boat, so i described how there were two men to an oar and they are by each other. DM "The halfling and assimar are on an oar together and the elf is right behind them." Elf "Who's next to me?" DM "What?" Elf "You said there are two men on an oar, who's next to me?" So on the fly and in my best Ed from Ed,Edd and Eddie voice, "I like shiney!" The players stare at me for a moment, and then bust out laughing. Elf "So, what made you join?" "I like shiney! Man say I get shiney if come along!" They players talk amongst themselves for a bit, giving backstory and fleshing out relationships. When they make landfall, the capitan calls out "Alright my friends, you will split into three groups, grab what you can and whoever finds info on the salamander will get half the spoils. That is if you take the most!" Assimar "Can shiney come with us?" DM "Uuhh, i guess lets roll for it." *dice roll* "Sure, he goes with you, but your going to have to keep an eye on him." halfling "we can, how hard can it be?" At that moment, I realized that i didn't have a stat block for him. Thank you Monster Manuel and I chose one quickly from the NPC appendix, one based off the name and that was a mistake that I ended up regretting and soon after, loving. They set off and start looting houses with shiney in tow and it wasn't long before guards showed up to stop the raid. They roll initiative and battle begins. The assimar tried using diplomacy while the rogues began attacking and were doing well. Then, at the bottom of the list was shiney. Rolling a… wait, what? That can't be right, the stat block says…oh no… Turns out, Shiney is a bezerker with a great axe and there was no going back. So I described him cleaving a guard in half while yelling "I want shiney!" The players burts out laughing hysterically. After the battle, assimar "You must really want the shiney, huh?" Shiney "I like shiney, makes me happy." assimar, taking one of the guard robes "Here, if you put this on, you can get more shineys." Shiney "I don't want shirt!" assimar, "Oh come on, you can get more shineys if you put it on, here." He tries puting the shirt on Shiney and he was having none of it. Shiney "Nooooooo!" and rips the shirt, then runs headlong striaght at another house. *Crash* Shiney busts through the door like it wasnt even there. The party figures he is fine and raids another house. When they exit, so does shiney with loot in tow and a bucket on his head. Shiney "I got shiney!" Elf "That's really good! Was there anyone in there?" Shiney "There was nice lady with rolling pin! She play bucket like drum!" Halfling "The one on your head? Was it on your head when she played it?" Shiney shakes his head yes in his bumbling idiotic way. And then he takes off running again yelling "Shineys!" off to another house to loot. *Thud* he runs face first into the door and then the party catches up to him. Elf "If you keep running off like that, your going to get hurt!" Shiney "I am O.K.!" After some more looting, gaining plenty of healing potions and a couple encounters, they try getting into the castle. After some failed diplomacy and a successful perception checks, they decide to go next to the castle to a large manor. Shiney takes off running again towards the big door of the manor. *Thud* he hits this door face first and couldn't figure out how to open it. Assimar "Here, like this." and makes a motion like turning a door knob. Shiney rips the door off it's hinges and then procedes in merrily and yells "Shineys! I see shineys!" the party walks in to see a noble and his personal guards furious about this. Nobel "What's the meaning of this?! You come uninvited and then break my door?! What is next, you robbing me?!" Halfling "Yup, thats the idea, leave now and we might let you live." assimar, pointing to shiney "Yeah, he really likes his shineys and you don't want to be in his way." Nobel "Well, it's been a while since I've had a good fight, kill them!" The party engages in battle and things are looking up for them. At this point, the party has taken a fair amount of damage, but they have taken down all but two of the guards and the nobel. There is a straight shot to the nobel, but that would put anyone right between the two guards. Shiney goes for the kill, and misses hard. The guards both impale him, dropping him to his knees and finally to the ground and the guards and nobel stab him for good measure. The players are silent for a moment, then the assimar's player said "We never gave him a healing potion." Elf's player "But…but I liked shiney…" Halfling's player "It's my turn right?" DM "Yeah, its your turn." The halfling moves forward, standing over the body of his new and now lost friend and stabs the nobel in the neck, "This is for shiney!" and he moves the blade forward, sliting his throat. The guards are now terrified and run away. The players all had a moment of silence for their fallen companion and did "shots for shiney" before continuing on with the campaign.


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