How a wandering warforged became a legend in Salvation

I was a warforged who had an unfortunate accident happen that led to something amazing happen.

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(Spoiler alert for the Eberron epic "The Iron Titan")

 I went to Winterfantasy 2020 with my brother and a long friend of our family we were playing through all the available Eberron adventures 1-7 including the epic "The Iron Titan". I was playing a warforged barbarian named T3kt0r-27 (Tektor-27). He was an old model designed to fight in The Last War but since the day of mourning he has been decommissioned and sent out to find his place in the world. After a long time working with people he found and finding a relic known as "The Oracle of War". He found himself in the town of Salvation a small town filled with salvagers he went into a tavern (I do not recall the name of it) where he was waiting for his party to show up when someone ran in and shouted out "Everyone! Someone activated Big Mo! He is coming towards the city!". Big Mo was a warforged colossus that was deactivated and in the scrapyard of Salvation. T3kt0r joined forces with some fellow salvagers to help defend the city our party was a dragon marked half-elf storm sorceress, a kalashtar warlock, a warforged cleric, a warforged ranger, and two others I cannot recall. As we looked out we saw the massive machine of war that stood in front of us and as we approached a swarm of undead ambushed us after a quick fight with the undead we were called back for a plan a friend of ours the leader of the Graydogs Kali told us we didn't stand a chance against Big Mo and had to destroy him from the inside when the Oracle of War spoke it gave us tactics to use in battle for our party we were told to go to the head of the colossus and connect a head implant into one of our warforged. So we decided to do as the oracle said and catapulted ourselves into the head where we found a huge brain and a bunch of cultists we had a long fight where I fell and almost had another fall. But after a while of fighting the mouth opened back up and a huge gust of wind blew out we were all spat out. T3kt0r being a big heavy battle designed warforged took a big fall and took quite the bit of damage but not enough to knock him down. After that we decided to move on to another part of Big Mo and moved to his left leg where our scouts had seen cultist coming out of our mission was to get in the leg and weld the doors shut. We ran up to the foot and jumped on the side while hanging on our ranger who was given a welding wand earlier opened a hole in the side for us to get in there were a few cultists in there we started fighting and it did not look like we were winning this one so our ranger in the middle of battle decided to start welding the doors as we held the line. We finished welding and all bailed out in a few rounds I took a few hits putting me quite low on HP we took a short rest and went to the next location the oracle told us to go the chest of Big Mo and destroy or release an elemental that was powering the colossus. A dwarf on a holosled took us up to the back of the chest where one of our members picked a lock on a back door but as he poked his head in our ranger got impatient and opened a hole next to the door to get us in. We got inside and tiny little creatures swarmed us and this massive flaming creature was chained up in the corner we started the fight our sorceress came in and hit 4 of them with a thunder wave which pushed one of them into the flame elemental and incinerated it and our warlock decided to start breaking the chains on the elemental, so T3kt0r decided to help out and broke through the two chains our ranged forces did not break and as he did the elemental went on a rampage and attacked the closest thing which just so happened to be T3kt0r and hit for a good amount of damage putting me down to 29 hp and out party was out of healing. We left the chest and got back to base we were told that the other groups were still trying to do there part and that Big Mo was 75% destroyed we had one more mission and it was in the right foot which was seen creating zombies wherever it stepped. We had the same plan of entry as the left foot jump on the side and cut our way in but this time Big Mo was not liking our company and stuck his hand down in the hole we made and shot his flamethrower into the hole making us all roll for the siege weapon. Everyone in our party rolled some minor things like going prone or taking a bit of damage but I, I did not get a minor thing I rolled a 100 on my percentile which just so happens to be the worst result on the table making me roll 3 more percentile which was a 65, a 77, and a 1. The 65 had me get swooped in the flames and take 11 damage putting me to 18 hp. Then the 1 happened as T3kt0r jumped into the hole he stepped on something and heard a click sound then boom an explosion went off dealing way more damage than I had health instantly turning my warforged into a pile of ash on the floor. Our dm waved over the admin and explained what happened and they whispered for a bit and he left I was told I would find out what happened next after this fight was over which was very confusing for me I thought I had just lost my character. The admin kept coming over and talking with our dm and he came over and wrote down my character name and walked away. Our party finished the mission in the right foot and the admin came to announce the end of the epic saying something along the lines of "An explosion went off inside Big Mo causing setting off a chain across his whole body as the colossus falls down Salvation has been saved!…. But not without one loss a warforged named T3kt0r had an unfortunate accident and was turned to a pile of ash but something strange has happened as his pile of ash starts to spin and swirl in the air he has turned into a Dust Devil living spell." And this is the story of how T3kt0r-27 became one of or even the first living spell playable character in the Eberron adventurers league.


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