How an action film superstar couldn’t be an action film superstar


My mates and I play homebrewed campaigns. One such campaign is a zombie apocalypse survival, where there are 5 us. There is a young man looking after 2 orphans, a medical army veteran who only wanted brie, a man I forget and a serial killer posing as a security guard. Then there is my character, Max Wheeler, who was an action film superstar appearing in a trilogy of films he starred in. He had a girlfriend, Lily, that if future events hadn’t happened , would have proposed to but, that’s a different story. We all started off in this mall, being there for separate reasons, when the outbreak happens. We survive in here for plenty of sessions in the security central hub. Max was not leader of the group or the most badass, a role saved for an NPC called Caesar. Instead, Max was only focussed on survival and protecting Lily. One day, after venturing out in order to gather supplies, the Prime Minister (who we rescued from the horrors) took control of the hub. We race back and wait outside the door exchanging words and generally telling each other how angry we are at eaxh other. Now before I continue I’d to point out that I wish I communicated with the team what I was going to do. The Prime Minister had Lily had gunpoint as he was trying to find out where we were. Once the exchange ended I decided to kick the door down and barrel roll in, in order to grab and save Lily. However, I got shot twice by the PM’s 2 guards leaving me on 2hp and everybody laughing and looking confused at what I had done. To this day we joke about that incident as it was one of my finest pieces I have ever done.


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