How an Evil fighter got what was coming to him.

How an Evil fighter got what was coming to him.


Back when I was in college, many years ago, my friends and I put together a pickup game of Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition on Fridays as we all had reason to hang around campus for several hours before heading home. We rotated DM duties between us and at one point had a series of sessions with one person, let’s call him Roger who ran a pretty off the hook unlimited type of game with plenty of sometimes odd house rules.  This will be important later.  

Well we had a 4-person party including my elven wizard/rogue, a human ranger, a cleric of a good deity focused on healing and a fighter who unbeknown to us was chaotic evil and questing to become an evil paladin type!  The DM overruled us often, as this fighter presented many behaviors that should have allowed the party to at least get a hint of his true purpose.  The most obvious was shouting at the beginning of every combat “Blood and Souls for the Lord of Darkness!”. I mean really.  But we were young and perhaps not so set in our ethical ways back then. Well as we increased in level and overall power, I began to get really suspicious as to how this was going to play out.  

My character began noticing that during our combat things started to show up and watch.  These shadows were for some reason only visible to my character and the other players staying in character told me I was imagining things.

Well to come to the crux of the story, we were doing a standard dungeon crawl using a map that the fighter had somehow gotten and we had several encounters that were typical as you might expect when we came to what you could only describe as an underground temple.  

Prior to this session my character had taken the time to do some research on this “Lord of Darkness” and my imaginary visions. It turns out that when this deity’s name is called out by powerful enough worshipers (the party had all 12th level characters) that he tends to actually show up and watch!  Odd house rules as I mentioned earlier.  The only problem is that if he does show up and there aren’t any souls for him to collect, he gets pretty angry and generally takes the one who called him!  At this point my character was pretty sure that the fighter was up to no good and that the party was seriously at risk from these tactics. 

So, I determined that this behavior had to stop.  It turns out the DM had told the player of the fighter that my character had discovered things about him, and he determined to get rid of my character. Back in the temple, he and I are searching this section of the dungeon while the cleric and the ranger are keeping watch and downing a couple of potions. 

Suddenly while I am near the altar area the fighter suddenly screams out “Blood and Souls for the Lord of Darkness” and turns to attach me.  Fortunately, as a wizard I had been able to setup a contingency spell that would respond if this fighter attacked me.  Suddenly I was in gaseous form floating in the middle of the room!  I floated out of immediate combat over to the rock fall trap at the entrance I had disabled on our way in.  As it was dark, and he was relying only on the light cast by his magic sword he could not immediately locate my position. 

As I canceled my gaseous form, made my move silent roll and activated my ring of invisibility, I suddenly realized that there was someone additional in the temple area. The reason for this was that the fighter was speaking to it! It turns out I was to be the sacrifice that would cap his quest. I then decided that survival was my number one priority. I tossed in a full necklace of missiles into the center of the room and tripped the rockfall trap on my way out.

We never saw the fighter or the player again after that session. We asked the DM what had happened just out of curiosity and were informed that the fighter, being unable to provide a soul in a timely manner was taken by the avatar that had appeared as my research had suggested.


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