How a strange fact about crocodiles led to tracking down a necromancer’s cave and a ghost girlfriend.

"Wait alligators can cry on demand right?"


The party recently (around 1 month ago) began a new campaign (titled by the group as “Season 2” as it was set in the same world as their last campaign. They had been tasked with tracking down a necromancer, after swarms of undead had attacked a village from the swamp. They venture in to the forest, and stumble upon an unknown village and a cave home to undead creatures. Not trusting the villagers, they head in to the cave.

Over the course of a couple of sessions (and some RP between sessions) the party avoid withering gnolls and giant skeletons to find themselves at a door that will only appear if they activate a series of triggers, hinted at by a riddle (I will put the solution at the end of the story with a spoiler for anyone who doesn’t want the solution or would like to make thier own).

The riddle read:

“Hang up your sorrows, then lay it to rest.
Free your heart and mind, laugh and jest
Then give him your life for the final test.”

The party also found two loose bricks which had ceremonial bowls behind them, a rope, and a dagger.

After some deliberation, the party soved the second and third line, but they couldn’t figure the first, after having an undead a player summoned hang themselves didn’t work. It was at this point, after one member thought the answer required filling a bowl with tears, one of the players (Danny, playing a Crocodilian Barbarian) said “Wait alligators can cry on demand right?”

After a quick google search, we found that (while it’s usually while eating) that crocodiles could cry on demand. Using this, they cried in to the bowl. This wasn’t the solution, but the interaction of a skeleton hanging themselves and getting a crocodile to just start crying without being asked was too great not to let the party through. So, the door opened.

Inside the room, things only got stranger. In the room, the gunslinger K (played by Sam) spotted a pile of bodies, and a ghostly lady. Now, there’s a recurring joke in our party where players (mainly the flirtiest character) rolls a d10 (with no modifiers) whenever they meet someone to see how attractive they find them on a scale of 1-10 (a system created based of Danny’s character in a previous campaign Eindal who was a charming Han-Solo style rogue). Brom (the bard, played by Cameron) rolled and got a 10 and began flirting with the ghost. The other players got their rolls (mainly for fun) and then the ghost rolled in return, she first rolled to see what she thought of Brom and rolled a 10. They will now be spending time looking to free her to take her with them.

Then, when we all thought things couldn’t get any weirder, Brom went to kiss the ghost , before stopping realising he can’t. Blinded by love (a nat 1 intelligence roll by the ghost – Lillien) and a bad charisma save from our aasimar wizard (Vance, played by Faction), Vance was possessed, and Lillien asked for her kiss, causing K and Al to leave. She then left Vance’s body, and joined Brom in his.

Moral of the story, don’t try and over plan sessions. The players can make their own content.

Special thanks to:

Danny – Alphonse
Sam – K
Faction – Vance
Cameron – Brom

Trinity – VeeVee (who was sadly unable to attend)
Utrix – (The recurring DM NPC summoned by Vance)


The actually solution is that the platforms the bowls were on clicked when the players took them. They were meant to place a noose in the first bowl and put it back, imitate the dance in the symbol, and give blood in the second bowl and place it back.


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